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Did a sex mishap leave Rochelle Humes in A & E? Marvin Humes categorically denied it!

It's become an urban myth but it's not true

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Showbiz marriages come and go but one celeb union that is going from strength to strength is Marvin and Rochelle Humes.

Which is a damn good thing because not only are they are parents to three kids, they are co-hosts on smash hit BBC show The Hit List.

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Rochelle and Marvin Humes have built another new fan base with The Hit List (Credit: BBC)

Earlier this month, Rochelle proved how smitten the pair were when she posted a picture of the pair smooching at the first night of the JLS comeback tour in Glasgow.

In the Insta post, she described herself as a ‘groupie wife’ and gushed that being ‘proud doesn’t even come close’.

The pair married back in 2012 in a beautiful ceremony captured by Hello magazine.

However, their blissful union hit a slight bump in the road not long after their big day that led to a trip to the hospital.

While Rochelle Humes may look like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, she clearly has a cheeky side to her.

Don’t believe us?

Rochelle Humes and husband Marvin
Poor Rochelle had to seek medical treatment for her bedroom mishap (Credit:

Well, the one-time Saturdays singer has admitted that she was forced to dash to A&E after sustaining an eye injury during ‘cuddles’ with Marv.

The singer let the revelation slip during a game of ‘Never Have I Ever’ on Capital’s breakfast show a few years back.

When the presenters of the time raised the topic “Never have I ever sustained an injury during special cuddles”, Rochelle replied: “I have!”

While the blushing singer didn’t elaborate any further on the story, her bandmates were fast to fill in a few gaps.

“Rochelle went to A&E over this,” Una Healy piped up.

“I remember her calling me about this and I was like, ‘How do I know what to do?’” Molly King added.

Rochelle’s bandmates were only too happy to let slip details of her accident. Picture by:

However, when the presenters at the time, Dave Berry and Lisa Snowdon, tried to get Rochelle to spill the tea, the singer went very quiet.

Keen to know more, Dave Berry tried to put words into Rochelle’s mouth.

“You’re telling me our friend, DJ Marvin Humes, has injured my second favourite member of the Saturdays? Was it a household object?”

Lisa snowdon this morning
Lisa Snowdon couldn’t help ding a little deeper with Rochelle. Picture by:

A little rattled, Rochelle replied: “Certainly not.”

But that stern reply didn’t put off the nosey presenters from trying to dig deeper.

“Was it something you bought in an adult shop?” Lisa Snowdon probed. “Did you pull a muscle or is it much worse?

Eventually, the occasional This Morning stand-in host finally revealed that she had injured her eye during her romantic tussle.

Marvin categorically denied any mishap had happened in the bedroom (Credit: Splash)

However, it wasn’t just Rochelle who was left blushing. So too was her gorgeous man, Marv, who seemed rather taken aback about the revelation.

In an interview that followed, he played down the whole affair, admitting the ‘sex’ mishap was not true… “It’s 150% not true.”

Rochelle and Marvin
Rochelle and Marvin Humes pictured at the ITV Summer Party at NOBU Shoreditch (Credit: Splash)

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Speaking to DigitalSpy at the time, he said: “It just came out of nowhere. It was all a bit of friendly banter between the girls. They made something up and then it all just escalated and got out of hand. As I said, it’s not true at all.”

He added that he had been left cringing by the exchange on the breakfast show and laughed it off, admitting, “It’s just one of those things. But you have to be careful what you say because people will believe everything.”

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JLS are currently on tour and The Hit List is on BBC1 every Saturday.