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Martin Lewis jokingly trolls GMB after ‘ridiculous’ working from home dress code debate

Good Morning Britain fans weren't impressed with the segment

Martin Lewis jokingly trolled GMB today (July 23).

His playful tweet came after Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray hosted a debate regarding dress codes while working from home.

Martin Lewis GMB (Credit: ITV)
Martin Lewis shared his thoughts on the GMB debate (Credit: ITV)

Martin Lewis pokes fun at GMB

The GMB hosts were joined by guests Anju Solank and Michaela Wain, who gave arguments for and against wearing traditional office attire.

Martin was watching the scenes unfold at home and was quick to take to Twitter to share his thoughts on the issue.

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He joked: “I’m soon to do my tips of the week, from home, on @GMB and they’re currently discussing appropriate dress codes.

“Well I plan to exercise straight after my slot before @thismorning so I’m only appropriate above the waist!”

The financial expert then shared a snap revealing he was secretly a pair of baggy shorts with his smart shirt.


GMB dress code debate

Speaking on GMB today, former Apprentice candidate Michaela explained that she expects her staff to dress appropriately while working from home.

“I’ve been working from home with two children – a one and 10-year-old – and there’s never been point in the day where I’ve had to do a scheduled Zoom call and didn’t have a moment to put on a shirt before I took that call,” she said.

“When you’re representing a brand and you’re getting paid by that company to represent that brand, you should do so as if you were in the work place.

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“These calls are supposed to represent a physical meeting and so the same rules should apply.”

She added: “If people are showing up to work and they look like they’ve just go tout of bed then I would have something to say about it.

“You should look after your appearance no matter what industry you’re in.”

Martin Lewis GMB (Credit: ITV)
The money expert dressed smartly – but only from the waist up (Credit: ITV)

GMB fans react

Viewers tuning in at home branded the segment ridiculous and argued that employees should obviously dress appropriately for Zoom calls.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote:  “A ridiculous piece on @GMB this morning. Should an employer be able to tell you how to dress for Zoom calls whilst #WFH?

“The simple answer is yes, if the employee can’t dress appropriately! If an employee has common sense & can dress appropriately then it’s a none issue.”

Another added: “@GMB Dress codes for home workers are vital.

Michaela Wain
The Apprentice star Michaela Wain took part in the debate (Credit: ITV)

:If you look a mess what does that say about the respect you are showing to your client/colleague. Dress appropriately.”

Moments later, a third wrote: “@GMB business dress code should matter at home, too!

“I quite literally cannot imagine working all day in pyjamas. I tried once early during confinement and I felt sluggish and unmotivated.

“Dressing for work gave a mental sense of the difference between home time and work time.”

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