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Friday 19th July 2019

Married At First Sight viewers smell DIVORCE as groom removes his wedding ring after honeymoon

Is the writing on the wall already?

Married At First Sight viewers are convinced that divorce could already be on the cards for at least one couple who've wed on the show, with the tan lines barely faded from their honeymoon.

In this week’s episode Ben and Stephanie entered the next phase of the TV experiment, which sees individuals who have never met tie the knot after being matched 'by science' – moving in together.

Having enjoyed a blissful honeymoon in Majorca where their chemistry was electric, groom Ben, 36, was already feeling apprehensive about living with his wife of just seven days.

Ben and Steph clicked on their wedding day (Credit: Channel 4)

And cracks started to develop, in seismic proportions, after Ben took Steph on a visit to his home town, where he was hit by an explosion of emotions about the past.

His ex had broken his heart, he admitted to camera, and he was now struggling with laying himself bare.

"I'm finding it hard to open up and show my true self because I've been burned," he confessed. "I thought I'd put that to bed."

When Ben subsequently went to work, leaving his wedding ring on the bedside table, policewoman Steph, 32, was devastated.

These two have drama written all over them.

Ben's actions wiped the smile off bride Steph's normally beaming face (Credit: Channel 4)

"Unfortunately in the last few days I feel like he's pulling away," she worried.

"I don't feel like he's in it anymore. We haven't even had our first date yet.

"I'm really not sure where this is going."

Viewers weren't impressed with the wedding ring stunt and had a little rant about Ben's apparent cold feet on Twitter...

After a pep talk from one of the Channel 4 show's matchmakers, the couple agreed to take things more slowly (oh, the irony) and reconnected over a romantic first date, agreeing a second one is definitely on the cards...

Elsewhere in the episode, a happy ever after was also looking unlikely for the other couple who said "I do" mere moments after "How do!"...

Harriet, 32, and Richard, 28, shared a pleasant but passionless honeymoon in Portugal, and sparks still failed to fly when they moved into their new home together.

Kissing like cat and dog (Credit: Channel 4)

Police sergeant Richard pulled out all the stops to prove what a great catch he was, bringing his new wife flowers and cooking a lasagne from scratch that was ready for her when she got home from a long day at the office.

But she was concerned there was no spark and the humdrum domestic set-up was a shock to her system.

And then Richard moved his dog Merlin in... and Harriet revealed she was a cat person! Twitter erupted:

Oh dear! Still, if Harriet decides after the obligatory seven weeks of cohabiting that she doesn't want to remain married, there are plenty of offers stacking up for Richard on social media...

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