Married at First Sight UK stars Luke and Morag

Married at First Sight UK: Twitter explodes as Morag’s friend clashes with Luke

Luke hit back at Morag's friend

Married at First Sight UK viewers were shocked as Morag Crichton’s friend clashed with Luke Dawson last night.

During Thursday’s episode of the E4 show, the married couples met their spouse’s family and friends and Luke enjoyed drinks with Morag’s mum and some of her close pals.

However, Luke didn’t seem happy when one of Morag’s friends told him that his wife needs “someone who is going to keep her on her toes”.

Married at First Sight UK stars Luke and Morag
Luke met Morag’s mum and friends during last night’s episode (Credit: E4)

Morag on Married at First Sight UK

Morag’s friend said of her: “She’s an alpha. A lot of alphas need somebody else who’s going to calm them down.

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“From what I know of her, she needs somebody who is going to challenge her. She will not back down.

“She wants somebody who is going to keep her on her toes.”

Married at First Sight UK: Morag friends meet Luke
Morag’s friend told Luke the truth (Credit: E4)

Luke replied: “You’ve said your piece, I’m going to say my piece. That is complete [bleep].

“I won’t take [bleep]. The point is I’m really chill and easy-going. However, there will be a point where she tries to push me over the edge…”

Morag’s friend cut in: “And it’ll be too much for you.”

Luke hit back: “No it won’t be too much. I won’t put up with it. We just haven’t got to that stage yet.”

Morag’s friend continued: “She wants you to fight back, fight back, fight back…”

Married at First Sight UK star Luke and Morag
Luke hit back at Morag’s friend (Credit: E4)

However, Luke replied: “How do you know this though?” to which Morag’s pal said: “Because we’re the same.”

Luke hit back: “You don’t know me.”

He then told cameras: “Right now I’m feeling angry. I feel like an absolute mug. I’ve had Morag’s back the entire time in this process.”

Morag’s mum then weighed in and told her daughter: “You’re just spoilt. You got everything you wanted.”

Morag replied: “I know you want me to end up with Mr Nice Guy but my friends they know me.”

Married at First Sight star Luke talks about Morag
Luke was “angry” that Morag didn’t back him (Credit: E4)

Her mum hit back: “Yeah but I know your past boyfriends have been [bleep] to you.”

Morag replied: “I know. I love you to pieces and I know what you want for me however my friends know what I want.”

Viewers were quick to react on Twitter, with many slamming Morag’s friends for their comments about Luke.

One person said: “Morag and her friends aren’t coming out of this looking good .. Luke deserves better.”

Another wrote: “Who does Morag’s friend think she is?! She don’t knooooow Luke!!” [Sic]

A third added: “I don’t know who Morag and her friends think they are…. Speaking about Luke like that.”

However, others defended the friends.

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One said: “I feel like Morag’s friend is trying to warn Luke off, she knows her friend isn’t into him.”

Another wrote: “This friend is being honest and Morag needs to let Luke heal.”

Married at First Sight UK continues on E4, Monday, September 27, at 9pm.

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