Married At First Sight Australia: Ines dumped by Sam as viewers label it ‘karma’

The pair had a secret fling on the reality series

Married At First Sight Australia star Ines Basic has been mocked by viewers after her fling with Sam Ball fizzled out and he dumped her

Viewers of the hit E4 show will know the pair began a secret relationship behind their spouses’ backs.

However, before the season had finished, Sam left the show without her.

Ines Basic on MAFS australia
Married At First Sight Australia star Ines has been mocked by viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

Married At First Sight Australia: What did viewers say about Ines?

And it didn’t take long for viewers to make fun of Ines’ misfortune.

On Twitter, one said: “Ines, Sam just wanted you for one thing & Sam you’ve been exposed for being a dog! Karma is a wonderful thing.”

Karma caught up with Ines.

A second wrote: “Karma for Ines.”

In addition, a third shared: “Karma caught up with Ines…. surprise surprise. Sam is a jerk !! #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia.”

Sam left the reality show without Ines (Credit: Channel 4)

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A fourth commented: “Ines deserves this karma but Sam will have hopefully showcased that he is a walking red flag to millions of women. #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia.”

A fifth tweeted: “Sam and Ines you deserve each other! #MarriedatfirstsightAustralia.”

What happened between Ines and Sam?

Ines was initially matched with Bronson Norrish on the hit series.

Upon first seeing him, she said he looked “inbred” and proceeded to mock his eyebrow piercing.

Later on in the series she was caught sexting Sam, a rival contestant and part of another couple on the show.

They eventually hooked up, leaving Bronson in the dust.

Where is Ines now?

Meanwhile, Ines recently hit out at the MAFSA producers for using her as a “puppet”.

She explained on Instagram: “The whole purpose of a TV show – if you do the math – networks have money to make or they can’t run.”

Sam and Ines had a secret fling (Credit: Channel 4)

In addition, she shared: “We are puppets filming a TV show for your entertainment.

“There is only so much a cast member can be held accountable for because we are not in full control.

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“I don’t think it’s fair on anyone who films one of these shows because it is a lot for one to carry and to be held responsible for the entire thing.”

However, the reality star insists she is a changed woman since leaving the show.

Married At First Sight Australia series six is available to stream on All 4.

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