Marriage or mortgage on netflix

Marriage or Mortgage: New on Netflix and you NEED to watch it!

Decisions decisions!

Marriage or Mortgage is an exciting new Netflix show that asks a crucial question many couples have to face.

At the heart of the streaming platform‘s new reality series is the conflict of prioritising paying for that new home over the big dream wedding, or vice versa.

Read on to find out more about the 10-part programme, what it entails – and why you really need to watch it.

Marriage or Mortgage is the latest reality series added to Netflix (Credit: Netflix)

What happens in Marriage or Mortgage?

Each episode of the show introduces viewers to a newly engaged couple. The participants can’t decide between spending their savings on their dream wedding, or having a small ceremony and instead putting the cash towards their first home.

Helping them come to a firm decision are Sarah Miller, a wedding planner, and Nichole Holmes, a real estate agent.

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Sarah and Nichole each spend a day with the couple and try to convince them that their area of expertise – the wedding or the home – is the one the couple should be putting their money towards.

For example, Sara shows them amazing venues or caterers that fit within their budget, while Nichole takes them around houses that have the potential to be their perfect first home.

At the end of the episode, the couple have to make a decision – dream wedding or dream home.

Marriage or Mortgage
Nichole (left) is a real estate expert, while Sarah is a wedding planner (Credit: Netflix)

Who is in the cast?

A self-described hopeless romantic, Sarah thinks your wedding day is the most important day of your life.

Hailing from Nashville in Tennessee, the wedding planner says her services offer customers an “impactful, unique and one-of-a-kind event”.

On her website, it states that Sarah also plans galas, holiday parties, company events and various milestone celebrations.

Of the weddings she puts on, it says: “Large, opulent celebrations are our jam. We love designing a memorable wedding that personally reflects the two of you. Having your trust and building a personal relationship is an important part of our process to bring your unique vision to life.”

Invest in your future. You can always have a smaller wedding later.

Real estate expert Nichole, meanwhile, is a former beauty queen and was Miss Illinois in 1995.

Compared to Sarah, Nichole – who has been divorced twice – doesn’t have much confidence in marriage.

Speaking on the Today show, she said: “I’m not anti-marriage, anti-relationship or anti-love. [But] given the state of affairs these days… 60 per cent of marriages end in divorce. You can’t make money on a wedding, it’s barely 12 hours of a party. Invest in your future. You can always have a smaller wedding later.”

Evan and Liz, the couple in the first episode (Credit: Netflix)

The first episode featured Evan and Liz, who met each other at a country music gig and went on to attend 20 concerts together in their first year of dating.

Evan said on the show: “The night that I met Liz, we were on the dancefloor and this little 5ft3 bundle of Colombian joy comes wobbling into my life with a Muller Light in her hand.”

Liz said: “I saw him and I just went for it”.

Sarah and Nichole try to convince the couples to spend on a wedding and a home respectively (Credit: Netflix)

When is it on Netflix and why you need to watch it

Marriage or Mortgage was added to Netflix on Wednesday, March 10.

All 10 episodes are available to watch now on the streaming platform.

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Why watch it? The show is one to watch for anyone who is planning a wedding or in the process of buying a new home.

It will also be up your street if you have a passion for interior design, or love all things wedding related.

Also, if you enjoyed shows such as Say Yes To The Dress or Don’t Tell The Bride, be sure to check out Marriage or Mortgage.

Viewers are enjoying the series, with some on Twitter admitting they are “hooked” already.

Will you be watching it? Leave us a comment on our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix and let us know.

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