Mark Labbett frowning and speaking on The Chase

Mark Labbett ‘turned down’ for Ant and Dec game show as he was ‘too arrogant’

The rejection happened in the days before Mark found fame on The Chase

Mark Labbett, a star on The Chase, was once turned down by an Ant and Dec game show for being “too arrogant”.

According to an executive producer, ‘The Beast’ auditioned for PokerFace back in the day – which aired between 2006 and 2007.

Mark Labbett pulling a face on GB News
Mark smashed his audition for The Chase (Credit: GB News / YouTube)

Mark Labbett on PokerFace

Before he found fame on The Chase, Mark almost appeared on a totally different TV show.

Between 2006 and 2007, two seasons of Ant and Dec‘s PokerFace aired on ITV.

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PokerFace saw contestants compete for £500,000. Whoever won went on to compete in the final, which meant that they could win £1million.

One of the people who attempted to audition for the show was Mark – as revealed by TV entertainment executive producer, Sue Allison.

However, Sue revealed that they rejected The Beast – for being too arrogant!

Mark Labbett in a suit and tie smirking on The Chase USA
Mark was ‘too arrogant’ for the show (Credit: YouTube)

The Beast from The Chase

Sue, who was a producer on The Chase, spoke about Mark’s audition during an appearance on the TV Show and Tell podcast this week.

“I remember – I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this – thinking at the time, ‘Oh, he’s far too arrogant to be on PokerFace. What if he wins? No one is going to want him to win a million pounds!'” she said.

She then went on to say that his name came up for The Chase – and she thought he was perfect for the role.

“I’ve still got his audition tape somewhere. He came in, in this huge great coat that almost came down to the floor. He looked like Hagrid or something!” she said.

“He was enormous, just enormous! I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was something like, ‘They call me The Beast’. I was like, ‘Oh my God, don’t bother staying for the auditions – you’re in!'” she continued.

Mark Labbett baring his teeth on The Chase
Mark once auditioned for PokerFace (Credit: ITV)

Sue then continued, speaking about why Mark seemed the perfect fit for the show.

“Eggheads was obviously people being themselves, wearing versions of their own clothes and having pleasant personalities,” she said.

“The very nature of [The Chase] is the idea that this is the baddie coming to get you,” she continued.

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“So we had to make those characters larger than life.

“But also not make it feel ridiculous and over the top, staged an phoney.”

Mark has been on The Chase since its very first season in 2009. He has also appeared on Beat the Chasers as well as The Chase’s American and Australian cousins.

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