Marcus and Mica on Gogglebox

Marcus and Mica from Gogglebox: Are they married and what are their real jobs?

The Gogglebox couple have a packed life together!

Marcus and Mica joined Gogglebox a few years back and have quickly become fan faves of the popular Channel 4 series.

This Gogglebox couple live in South London and have full-time jobs outside of the show.

But what is it they do? And are they married? And do they have children together?

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We take a closer look at Marcus and Mica from Gogglebox…

mica and marcus gogglebox
Mica and Marcus with Mica’s daughters (Credit: Channel 4)

Are Marcus and Mica from Gogglebox married?

Marcus Luther and Mica Ven are not married. However, they are in a long-term relationship and appear very much in love.

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Mica has two daughters, Sachelle and Shuggy, from a previous relationship. They often appear on episodes of the Friday night show.

Marcus also has a son, Shiloh Defreitas, from a previous relationship. And the couple share a younger son together.

They haven’t appeared on the Channel 4 show yet, but they are frequently featured on both of their social media accounts.

mica and marcus on gogglebox
The couple joined Gogglebox a few years back (Credit: Channel 4)

What is their age difference?

Marcus and Mica’s ages aren’t public knowledge! So we have no idea what their age difference may be. They both have adult children, but look remarkably young, so your guess is as good as ours!

When did Marcus and Mica join Gogglebox?

Marcus and Mica first joined Gogglebox back in 2018. They first appeared in series 11.

What are their jobs in real life?

While Mica and Marcus always look very content on their plush sofa on Gogglebox – they are far from being couch potatoes!

In real life this Gogglebox couple are busy grafters. They both have demanding jobs outside of the show.

Mica is a hairstylist and salon owner. And you can see many of her amazing creations on her Instagram account.

gogglebox luther ven family
They’re hilarious on the show! (Credit: Channel 4)

Her hair salon is based in Tooting, South London. She also runs a popular YouTube channel which features hair style and care tutorials.

Marcus is a businessman and gym owner. He’s a trained boxer and trains his son Shiloh who is a pro boxer.

Marcus owns and runs TM Boxing Gym in Mitcham. It is a fully licensed boxing facility that welcomes both amateur and professional boxers.

It even features boxing classes for kids. On the gym’s official website, Marcus describes his business as: “TM Boxing was founded by myself in 2009.

“The main focus of the gym was to work with disadvantaged youth from the local community. We then went on to running sessions for the general public in the evenings as interest quickly grew.”

How are Gogglebox fans reacting to the couple this year?

Gogglebox viewers are thrilled to have the Mica and Marcus back on the couch.

They seem to go well with viewers week after week. In fact, Marcus got quite a lot of attention a few weeks back when he debuted his new cycling shorts on an episode.

Dozens of viewers shared their appreciation for the tight shorts on Twitter.

But luckily Marcus saw the funny side and responded with good humour online.

Taking to Instagram, he wrote: “OMG, Well now that everyone knows what I’m working with, I’m not sure who to thank.

“I’m still not sold on these new shorts, a bit too much on show.”

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