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Marcella on ITV: Stalker twist in episode five leaves viewers’ minds blown

The plot thickens!

Marcella discovered who her stalker is last night and the big reveal left viewers’ minds blown.

During the fifth episode of the hit ITV crime drama, aired on Tuesday (February 16) evening, Marcella (Anna Friel) worked to find out what had happened to Bobby Barrett (Martin McCann).

Warning! Spoilers for episode five ahead.

Marcella found out what happened to Bobby in last night’s Marcella (Credit: ITV)

The truth about Bobby

Bobby murdered Aaron Armstrong (Ciaran Flynn) in an earlier episode after learning he had supplied the drugs that led to schoolgirl Jessie’s death.

Later, Bobby was there when Aaron’s disabled brother Danny (James Martin) was shot dead while carrying a toy revolver.

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The Maguire family knew they had to get Bobby off the scene, but rather than kill him or let the police arrest him, they decided to ship him off to Havana.

The undercover cop also found out who her stalker is (Credit: ITV)

But while Marcella – undercover as Keira – drove him to the airport, bent coppers took him in and got him to snitch on the Maguires before killing him.

Marcella learned that Rory Maguire (Michael Colgan) was behind it all, after discovering Bobby’s remains in a pigpen and confronting his killer, bent copper Terry Gilmore.

But Marcella had other problems to contend with, because throughout the series she’s had a stalker.

CCTV footage showed that Marcella is her own stalker (Credit: ITV)

Marcella stalker knows the truth about her past

In an earlier episode, someone left her a mysterious message and some musical notes that, when played on a piano, revealed a kind of lullaby.

Whoever it was knew about her true identity.

Marcella also found herself somehow in possession of the toy revolver. It led her to a property where she discovered a sinister dummy version of herself.

This bloody series of Marcella will give me bloody nightmares.

Marcella needed the CCTV footage from the lockers where she picked up a mysterious note in a previous episode.

She knew it would reveal the identity of her stalker. And when cop Frank Young (Hugo Speer) reluctantly showed her the footage, Marcella saw that she herself was the ‘stalker’.

The twist at the end of the episode blew viewers’ minds (Credit: ITV)

What did Marcella viewers say?

It appeared to prove that Marcella is having another breakdown, and the revelation stunned viewers at home.

A number of those watching wondered if Marcella has split personality disorder – and her undercover alter-ego, Keira, has taken on a life of her own.

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One said: “So Marcella/Keira was stalking herself! What?! #Marcella.”

A second wrote: “What the hell, is she stalking herself #MarcellaThinking face”.”

“How am I supposed sleep now?” demanded a third.

A fourth tweeted: “Split personality disorder #marcella.”

“Wait what!” said a fifth. “Marcella has been stalking herself??? #Marcella.”

A sixth tweeted the hashtag #Marcella alongside a mind-blown emoji.

Someone else said: “This bloody series of #marcella will give me bloody nightmares.”

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