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Mancs In Mumbai: Viewers turn on Dougie Thomas as he slams his sons’ manners despite abandoning them

Viewers think he's the one who should learn some manners

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Fans of ITV’s Absolutely India: Mancs In Mumbai have turned on the Thomas brothers’ dad, Dougie, after he lectured his sons on their manners despite abandoning them as children.

Viewers have learned that during their childhood, Ryan Thomas became a father figure to his two younger brothers, Adam and Scott, after their parents split up.

Mancs In Mumbai
Dougie Thomas criticised his boys’ manners during a family therapy session (Credit: ITV)

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Their dad left the home and didn’t come back into their lives until six years later. And though they all enjoy a loving bond today, the lads are still hurt over the pain Dougie’s absence caused.

What happened in last night’s episode?

During Wednesday (May 20) evening’s episode, the four of them went to a family therapy session.

Dougie was asked about his biggest regrets and he turned the conversation to his son’s manners, and how they had turned out without having him around.

Dougie Thomas in Mancs In Mumbai
Viewers thought he was in no position to be lecturing them, as he abandoned them when they were kids (Credit: ITV)

He said: “I missed a lot of things, to try to direct them in some ways. They’ve got terrible habits now. They eat their food too fast, talk too fast… bad manners. And if I’d have been there… no.”

Afterwards, Scott had a go at him for what he had said.

“If I’m really honest dad,” Scott said, half laughing, half fuming. “When she asked about your biggest regret and you said it was that we’ve not got great manners. I just think that’s a little bit offensive.

“I think she meant, dad, when she asked about your biggest regrets – being there, spending time with your boys. Not regrets about the way we’ve come out.”

Scott and Adam laughed as they poked fun at their dad. But Ryan burst into tears.

Ryan Thomas in Mancs In Mumbai
Ryan burst into tears on the programme (Credit: ITV)

“He had to grow up fast,” Adam told Dougie, serious now. “When he shouldn’t have had to, dad!”

“I missed you every day dad,” Ryan sobbed.

What did viewers think?

Reacting on Twitter, one viewer said: “Good programme but not sure about the dad. If he missed them, why didn’t he keep in touch? Weak man.”

The only person who needs teaching manners is him.

Another wrote: “I can’t believe the #thomasbros dad said after leaving them he came back in their life to teach them some manners! The only person who needs teaching manners is him. The boys have done very well. #mancsinmumbai.”

A third said: “#MancsInMumbai The Thomas brothers are so forgiving and so kind to their absolute selfish waster of a dad. They are such lovely boys.”

“Omg dad can at least say sorry!” fumed a fourth viewer. “Glad he came back into their lives, but there’s no excuse to not see your kids #mancsinmumbai.”

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Not everyone felt that way about Dougie, though.

Laughing and crying

“This show went so deep all of a sudden from all the fun,” tweeted one viewer. “Feel so sorry for Ryan and the dad. Thomas senior can still be your hero lads! #mancsinmumbai.”

Someone else put: “You three brothers are great. Your dad is your dad and is there now. This has series has had me laughing and crying #mancsinmumbai.”

Another said: “You know what, these brothers have the best sense of humour, even their dad is hilarious. Such a good show #AbsolutelyIndia #mancsinmumbai.”

Mancs In Mumbai continues on Wednesday (May 27) at 8pm on ITV

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