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Made in Chelsea: Are Sam and Zara together now?

Everything you need to know about the most shocking split in MIC history

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Zara McDermott’s cheating relevations continue to shake the world of Made in Chelsea.

But, as the E4 show was filmed during the summer – are Sam and Zara together now?

In emotional scenes aired on Monday October 19, the star broke down in tears as she told her MIC co-stars about her infidelity.

An embarrassed Sam Thompson swiftly ended the relationship over this betrayal- in a dramatic showdown.

But did he stick with his decision and what has happened since then?

When did Zara cheat on Sam?

Sam was left reeling when he found out from a mutual friend that his girlfriend of 16 months had been unfaithful.

The cheating occurred six months into his relationship with the Love Island star, when Zara was taking part in Celebrity: X Factor.

While this all came to light and the couple split in early September, Made in Chelsea fans are watching the drama play out now.

In this week’s episode Zara broke down on a coffee date with friends Ruby and Melissa.

In an emotional moment, she told the MIC stars: “I love him so much, he’s everything to me, we do everything together. He’s my bestfriend, I feel so lost!”

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The couple on Valentine’s Day in London (Credit: Splash News)

Are Sam and Zara together at the moment?

Sam is not currently in a relationship with Zara McDermott.

Zara publicly apologised for her mistake and took to Instagram to share a video montage of the former couple.

Calling her ex: “The love of my life” in a gushing caption.

Sam’s sister and fellow Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson commented: “Oh darling! This just made me tear up.”

This caused eagle-eyed fans to ponder whether Zara was back in the family’s good books.

While others claimed the sibling should “pick a side.”

Sam did not respond to this.

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What has Sam said about the split?

The Made in Chelsea star, 27, has remained quiet about their break up – despite his ex’s declarations of love.

However, on Sunday Sam posted a TikTok poking fun at the pair’s awkward MIC reunion.

The funny video showed Sam struggling with a Nando’s banquet.

Sam dubbed Zara’s voice from the dramatic split scene, so fans could hear Zara pleading “You can do it!” as he worked his way through the large meal.

Sharing the caption: “When the Nando’s family platter defeats you. If I can’t laugh at my uncomfortable moments then there’s nothing left to do but cry.”

Fans were divided, with some calling the post “savage”, while others saw the funny side.

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Zara Mcdermott cries om Made in Chelsea
Emotions run high as Zara talks to friends about Sam (Credit: E4)

His ex-girlfriend didn’t seem that bothered and commented: “Oh golly” with laughing emojis.

Speaking about the now deleted video, Sam insisted he had Zara’s permission to post it.

“I’d just like to address the video I took down last night. I found it quite funny,  I think 99.9% of you found it quite funny.

But to the 0.1% I’d just like to say I did have Zara’s full permission to post that, I showed it to her prior and she understood the context of it.

She understood it was actually me taking the p**s out of myself and the fact Made In Chelsea has been there for every high and every low of my entire life.”

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Will they get back together?

Although the Instagram post does insinuate that the pair are on speaking terms, reports suggest that Zara should not hold her breath for a reconciliation.

In spite of her online pleading, a source told New! magazine that Sam will never take Zara back.

“Sam told Zara he needed some space to get his head straight. He wanted time to think everything through and, in all honesty, just found her public apology a bit embarrassing.”

“His ego was badly bruised by what’s happened and we doubt his pride will let him take her back. Zara is making a bit of a fool of herself. She’s not giving up – she really thinks she has a chance – but everyone in Sam’s circle knows it’s not going to happen and she’s fighting a losing battle.”

The source added: “He’s never going to take her back – she needs to stop.”

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Made in Chelsea continues every Monday from 9pm on E4.

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