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Luther fans vow to ‘never get on bus again’ after super scary murder scene

Series five kicked off with gruesome scenes...

TV fans weren’t disappointed last night when Idris Elba returned as DCI John Luther in the fifth series of the hugely popular detective series.

But with the good – great script, on-the-edge-of-your-seat tension, amazing cast and, well, Idris Elba – came the bad and the ugly…

A murder scene so horrifying that some viewers have vowed to avoid public transport forever!

Luther murder bus
He’s behind yoooouuuuu (Credit: BBC)

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The new four-part series hit the ground running on New Year’s Day (Tuesday 1 January), as maverick cop Luther was called to investigate the gruesome deeds of a serial killer with a sick fetish for stabbing people.

After already leaving two dead bodies in his wake, the masked assassin preyed on his next victim – a young girl alone taking a bus journey.

And this is where it got really scary.

Girl stabbed on bus Luther
Is your skin prickling yet? (Credit: BBC)

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The killer, wearing a creepy mask and LED-lit black hoodie to confuse CCTV cameras, waited until the young girl was alone on the top deck before crawling on the floor behind her…

As she sat unaware of her impending fate, TV viewers screamed at her to go somewhere public, head to the bottom deck, run for her LIFE, but it was too late.

The man in black loomed up behind her, grabbing her from the side and stabbing her repeatedly in the neck.

Luther bus scene
Taxi, anyone? (Credit: BBC)

As the poor girl fought for her life, a passenger on another passing bus saw the attack and desperately called for help.

Alas, it was all too late for the unlucky brunette, whose lifeless body was left on the floor of the bus while the killer made a run for it – murdering the bus driver en route.

Unsurprisingly, the series opener left many fans terrified and making a public declaration never to ride on a bus again!

Luther bus stab scene
Run for your life! (Credit: BBC)

One fan wrote: “1st January 2019, 9:39pm – the time the nation collectively decided never to get the night bus again.”

Another said: “Honestly speaking, that bus scene gives me nightmares. General rule of safety, if you sit at the back of the bus, your throat will be less likely to be slit by someone from behind you

A third said: “Never riding on a bus again unless I can sit at the back. Thanks

Others joked that the episode must have been “sponsored by Uber” as so many people would now be scared to get on public transport.

Some fans likened it to the infamous ‘killer under the bed’ scene in series three.

The episode also saw the return of Alice Morgan, who arrived on Luther’s doorstep with a tantalising “Watcha” before the credits rolled.

The series continues tonight (Wednesday 2 January) at 9pm and the next two consecutive nights.

Good luck sleeping!

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