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Lupin on Netflix: How to watch the smash-hit new French drama in English!

From the brains behind Killing Eve

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Netflix series Lupin might be in French, but seriously, don’t let that put you off as it’s also dubbed so you can listen in English.

So if you’re not one to watch a show with subtitles, you can now still enjoy some fantastic European drama.

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How to watch Lupin in English

Just click on an episode and then pause it; you will see a row of icons on the screen. Select the ‘Audio’ icon [speech bubbles] and here the dubbing and subtitles options are listed. Hit English and away you go!

And if that’s not enough, here are six reasons you need to clear your schedule some time this week and watch Lupin.

It’s been a huge hit globally (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Why watch Lupin on Netflix?

1. It has the backing of millions

First off, just because a show is popular, doesn’t mean it’s any good. We all know that. But, when a series is as popular as Lupin, you have to acknowledge it’s doing something right.

It’s currently Netflix’s most-watched programme, globally, and the streaming platform thinks it’s on track to reach a staggering 70million households within its first month.

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That puts it well ahead of other hit shows, including The Queen’s Gambit and Bridgerton.

Lupin is available to watch on Netflix now (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

2. It’s by the brains behind Killing Eve and Criminal UK

You heard right. The writer of Lupin has also worked on Killing Eve, the incredible BBC show about assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) and obsessive investigator Eve (Sandra Oh).

George Kay has also worked as a writer on the show Criminal, including its UK edition.

3. It doesn’t take itself too seriously

Shows like Line Of Duty are great, but they can be mentally exhausting, particularly after a long day at the (home) office or of trying to entertain/home-school the kids.

Thankfully, Lupin doesn’t fit into this category of show at all – and is just the right level of ridiculous.

For instance, the series starts out with an outlandish plan to swipe Marie Antoinette’s long-lost necklace from an auction at the Louvre.

Perfect lockdown escapism (Credit: Netflix / YouTube)

Fantastic music and cast

4. It has a killer soundtrack

The music in this show is fantastic. It serves as a great non-intrusive backdrop to what’s happening on screen, but it also makes for great listening on its own.

Check the album out on Spotify and other music streaming platforms. It’s perfect for listening to while you’re running, studying, working or cooking.

Its track list includes selections of the original music from the show’s first part, from composer Mathieu Lamboley.

5. It provides pure escapism in lockdown

Given the times we’re living in, it’d probably be healthy for you to prioritise shows that aren’t filmed too close to home.

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As its set-up suggests, much of Lupin is shot on the streets of Paris.

So if you’ve ever been there before, prepare to get nostalgic for your past holidays – and planning future trips to the Continent!

It stars actor Omar Sy (Credit: /

6. It stars TV hunk Omar Sy

Of course, if none of the other reasons to watch this show appeal, you could always throw it on to appreciate the absolute specimen that is Omar Sy.

He really does shine throughout and alone makes it worth a watch.

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