Lucky Laura Whitmore CONFIRMS she is dating Love Island star

They seem loved up

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The wonderful Iain Stirling has had the nation tickled for the past two months as the voice of Love Island.

He was so hilariously funny that it was hard not to fall for his witty quips and cheeky put downs and it was inevitable that many of us developed a wee crush on his voice alone.

Weird right?

But then when we laid eyes on the fit and foxy fella and our feelings went from simple crush to: “WE WANT TO DATE HIM RIGHT NOW!”

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Only problem was, he was supposedly dating the ridiculously gorgeous Laura Whitmore.

We say “supposedly” because so far it was just a rumour that they were together, which gave us all hope that he was still be on the market!

Sadly that’s not true.

Today we can report that golden haired Whitmore has CONFIRMED she is indeed officially dating the Scottish funnyman. The lucky minx!

“Yes, he’s my boyfriend,” she told The Sun at the launch of the new PF Chang’s Asian Table restaurant in Covent Garden.

“I’ve got him as my screensaver. I’ve known him for ages.”

She said that since dating him she has become hooked to the show he works on.

“I had never watched Love Island before but I don’t need him to give me spoilers because everyone from I’m A Celebrity works on it anyway.”

But even though Love Island is finished, Laura’s revealed that the pair of them are not going to see each other for a while.

Not only is Iain currently at the Edinburgh Festival, Laura is busy with her career.

She about to complete her theatre show Not Dead Enough, and it sounds like she’s going to continue with the acting.

“I’ve gone back to school,” she revealed. “I’m doing a course at RADA.

“I’ll be there for five weeks, then I’m off to New York in September and LA in October. I love acting.

“I’ve caught the bug but I’ve got so many lines to learn.”