Love Island girlfriend told to kill herself by over-zealous show fans

She found the hideous messages and death threats on her phone

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There are a lot of things you expect to be shocked by when you leave Love Island. Just how pale all your mates are, the unbelievable inconvenience of having to wear shoes, the lack of constantly replaced snacks etc etc.

But Gabby Allen found herself on the receiving end of something much more alarming – messages to her phone from people saying that they wanted her dead. Erm, WHAT? But yep.

“I couldn’t believe my phone when I came out,” Gabby, 25, told The Daily Star.

“I’ve had death threats. I’ve been told to kill myself. It’s crazy.”

The messages came after the public turned against Gabby, who had initially been one of the most popular contestants on the island, for failing a lie detector test and apparently being cold towards her fella Marcel, 31, who everyone ADORED.

But Gabby, who’s now been out of the house for a few days so has had time to catch up, claims that she was made to look bad in the edits.

“Apparently there’s been scenes shown where it looked like I was being horrible to Marcel,” she said.

“I’ve been told they showed stuff like where we were having a conversation, he’d say something and I’d stick my middle finger up at him.

“It would obviously be a joke, but it would cut off before you could see that.

“When I came out, I was like, ‘What have people been seeing?’ You don’t know how you are being edited.”

The messages follow a string of social media posts that had a similarly vile tone.

One Twitter post said: “I actually love Marcel. If gabby breaks his heart imma gonna stab her.”

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Another added: “If Gabby breaks Marcel’s heart, I will find her and kill her. Fact.”

But back in the real world away from strangers who message people they don’t know with death threats, Gabby and boyfriend Marcel are having a great time, visiting her home city of Liverpool, shooting mysterious photos and, er, making massive overshares about what they’ve been up to in bed.

“The first night we had sex was after the wrap party,” Gabby told The Daily Star.

“I’m so glad we did wait until then, because, put it this way, we wouldn’t have been able to do everything we got up to if we’d been in the villa.

“It was x-rated and explosive – we just got a bit excited.”

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Uh-huh. Anyone else feel like they know more about Gabby and Marcel’s sex lives than the ones who actually did it on TV?

Since then though the couple have been forced to spend a night apart due to living at opposite ends of the country.

Marcel referenced their time apart with an Instagram snap of the two together, saying it would be ‘weird’ to go to sleep without fitness instructor and dancer Gab.

Gabby, let’s be honest about this: we hope your phone’s now blocked all of the idiots and replaced all of their messages with sexts and updates on the Blazin’ Squad tour from Marcel.

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