Love Island's Adam Collard on Aftersun

Love Island’s Adam Collard says he loves Zara McDermott

Viewers did NOT see this coming!

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Love Island’s Adam Collard has dropped a bombshell by admitting he LOVES fellow islander Zara McDermott.

The 22-year-old made the surprise admission on Sunday night’s spinoff show, Aftersun, after he was reunited with Zara following his shock dumping last week.

Adam raised eyebrows earlier in the series when he ditched partner Rosie Williams, 24, in favour of newcomer Zara, 21, but was left single when Zara was then dumped.

Love Island's Adam Collard on Aftersun
Adam appeared on Love Island’s Aftersun on Sunday (Credit: ITV)

He chose to recouple with newcomer Darylle Sargeant, 24, – while Zara watched from home – but it wasn’t right, as he told Darylle he still had feelings for Zara.

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Adam was dumped in a shock twist last week, leaving him free to pursue his romance with Zara outside the villa – and in a surprise confession on Sunday night, he said: “I won the show too early when I met Zara. I do love her.”

Host Caroline Flack was stunned into silence when Adam added: “I totally love Zara.”

Love Island's Adam and Zara reunite on Love Island Aftersun
Zara joined Adam on Aftersun (Credit: ITV)

There were cheers and claps from the studio audience, which, rather awkwardly, included Adam’s former flame, Darylle!

Adam added; “The problem is I won the show too early when I met Zara. That’s it. But I do love her.”

When Caroline clarified, “Are you both in love?”, Adam replied, “100 per cent”, while Zara coyly said: “Yeah!”

Caroline was shocked and thrilled by Adam’s declaration (Credit: ITV)

Adam added: “I don’t know what it is about Zara, but she’s amazing. I can’t even put my finger on it but I know there is definitely something.”

His confession certainly caused a stir on Twitter as well, with many viewers thrilled he and Zara had found their happy ending.

Others said they did NOT see his L-word bombshell coming!

Others, however, were less convinced….

Ahead of their live appearance on Aftersun, both Adam and Zara had been pre-recorded having a somewhat awkward first reunion back in the UK.

Adam had admitted being “apprehensive” about seeing Zara as there were things he needed to prove to her.

Love Island's Adam and Zara reunite on Love Island Aftersun
Adam and Zara had an emotional pre-recorded reunion earlier in the show (Credit: ITV)

In emotional scenes, Zara told Adam she felt she’d “lost him” when he coupled up with Darylle, and said it had been incredibly difficult for her watching him kiss Darylle and have fun in the villa when she was hurting back home.

Zara said she “felt humiliated in front of the whole nation”, while Adam apologised profusely and said he just wanted to be with her.

Adam said he’d been “really stupid” in what he did but also, it made him realise how much he missed Zara.

Love Island's Adam and Zara reunite on Love Island Aftersun
Adam apologised to Zara for hurting her (Credit: ITV)

Adam even said he wished he’d quit the show and left when Zara did!

Meanwhile, Adam also admitted feeling bad about kissing Rosie less than an hour after breaking up with Kendall Rae Knight, saying he probably should have spoken to Kendall, although he also felt she knew, like him, the romance wasn’t going anywhere.

As for Rosie, he said they got on well but there was a spark missing.

Love Island's Adam Collard on Aftersun
Adam said he never laughed at Rosie crying (Credit: ITV)

He admitted he could have been a bit more “sensitive” towards Rosie’s feelings, but also felt he hadn’t been that open about his feelings for Zara or said anything that would make Rosie feel he liked Zara.

Of course, Aftersun host Caroline Flack quizzed Adam on why he rolled his eyes when Rosie tearfully told him how much she liked him.

Adam replied: “With that situation, the conversation was a lot longer than what was on the episode. It was cut down. I wasn’t laughing at Rosie being upset, I wouldn’t like to see anybody upset and we all have a massive bond, like family.

Love Island's Rosie Collard and Adam Collard talk
Adam was accused of rolling his eyes at Rosie (Credit: ITV)

“I wasn’t laughing at Rosie being upset, it was more because the conversation went on so long I couldn’t get a word in edgeways. She was speaking at me and I didn’t have a chance to defend myself or explain the situation.

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“I can totally see why people are getting upset but I didn’t intentionally try to upset her and it wasn’t nice to see her upset.

“As much as me and Rosie had our differences, I wouldn’t want to see anyone upset.”

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