Love Island villa international

What the Love Island villa looks like around the world – the UK version’s isn’t even the coolest!

Which villa is best out of all of Love Island's international editions?

Love Island got its start in the UK but has since gone global – currently, the series has at least fifteen spin-off versions in various nations around the world.

In each series, the show’s concept remains the same, but the location often differs, with Love Island villas popping up everywhere from Fiji to Greece to Australia’s Gold Coast.

Each villa is complete with its own unique features and interior decor, with some similarities (hello, firepit!).

They also have some differences we could definitely do with adopting into our own villa here in the UK (hello, Germany’s ‘wellness area’!)

Take a look below at some of the different international versions of the Love Island villa across the globe. Which one is your favourite?


Love Island USA has been running since 2019, originally being set in a villa in the sunny island of Fiji.

In 2020, the pandemic struck (obviously), meaning the team had to get creative with their filming.

Swapping island living for a place much closer to home, the team built a set inside a hotel in Las Vegas, including a hot tub terrace and city views.

For this year’s series, the Islanders will be back outside, heading to Hawaii for season three, which begins in later this summer.

Love Island Villa USA
Last year’s Love Island USA took place in a Las Vegas hotel due to the pandemic (Credit: ITV)
Love Island Villa USA
The USA villa in 2020 included a hot tub and city views of Las Vegas (Credit: ITV)
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Despite Love Island having more than enough sun to go around (at least compared to the UK), you might be surprised to find the show isn’t actually filmed there.

Series one of Love Island Australia in 2018 was actually filmed in a villa on the Spanish island of Mallorca, not too far from where the British Islanders set up camp.

Series two in 2019 however, headed over to Fiji to a luxurious villa complete with modern architecture and sea views.

The upcoming 2021 series will be set on home soil on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

love island australia villa
The Love Island Australia villa in 2019 was in Fiji (Credit: ITV)
Love Island Australia Villa
Love Island Australia’s villa featured sea views (Credit: ITV)


Love Island Germany began in 2017 under the name ‘Love Island – Hot Flirts & True Love’.

The series originally used a villa in Mallorca, similar to the UK and Australian versions, but for its 2021 edition will be moving to a villa in Tenerife.

According to a German showbiz magazine, the new Love Island villa will feature an infinity pool and a new ‘wellness area’, complete with a whirlpool and sauna.

The interior decor is a little different from its UK counterpart too, opting for bright yellows and purples over our more neutral tones.

Love Island Germany 2019
Love Island Germany was originally shot in Mallorca but is moving to Tenerife (Credit: RTL TV)
Love Island Germany Villa
Germany’s Love Island Villa goes for a different colour scheme to its UK counterpart (Credit: RTL TV)


Love Island Sweden has been running since 2018 and its villa is located in the Greek Island of Corfu.

The Swedish villa is  a little smaller than some of the others. However, it still has the standard day beds by the pool and the firepit where you can expect all the drama to happen.

For some reason, the trailer for the first series also features shirtless men carrying kittens – which is fine by us!

Love island villa sweden
Sweden’s villa is a little smaller than some of the others (Credit: TV4 Sweden)


Love Island Finland’s villa is seriously impressive, looking like a palace compared to some of the others.

The Finnish Love Island pool must be twice the size of the UK one and comes complete with stone walkways and impressive mediterranean architecture.

Watch the video below to see host Shirly Karvinen give a tour around the giant villa in Marbella on the Costa Del Sol.


France is the newest country to get its own version of Love Island, but sadly, the first edition of the show in 2020 had to be halted after just two weeks thanks to the pandemic.

Despite that, the French villa – which is in South Africa – is seriously stylish and has some of the most luxurious interiors we’ve seen.

It also has a cute outdoor seating area and a comfy-looking curved bench similar to the UK’s ‘firepit area’ – which is where we imagine all the serious chats happen.

Love Island France villa
The Love Island France villa has a seriously stylist interior (Credit: Prime Video France)

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