Love Island SPOILER: Maura rages at Curtis and questions their relationship

She doesn't like the advice he gave Jordan

After finding out Curtis advised Jordan to confess his feelings to India, a fuming Maura confronts Curtis and questions their romance.

In tonight’s Love Island, Maura is shocked to learn Curtis encouraged Jordan to tell India he has feelings for her, despite Jordan asking Anna to be his girlfriend two days before.

Curtis previously told Maura about Jordan’s intentions but he didn’t mention the advice he had given his pal.

Curtis gets some stern words from partner Maura (Credit: ITV)

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Maura says: “For Curtis to give that advice to Jordan, it baffles me. If he was my boyfriend, is that what he would do? Would he pull a girl before chatting to his girlfriend?”

Maura then decides to confront Curtis. Curtis says he is frustrated that she immediately told Anna about Jordan’s feelings for India.

Maura retorts: “She’s my friend. I care about her. I’m angry that he asked her to be his girlfriend a few days ago and now he’s cracking on with someone else.”

Maura isn’t happy with Curtis (Credit: ITV)

Curtis disagrees and adds: “He is brave for doing it!”

Maura seems stunned and replies: “Wow. That’s cheating Curtis!”

Curtis tries to defend Jordan and explains: “He’s only just had these feelings now.”

Maura demands to know: “Would you do the same thing if I was your girlfriend?”

The couple fall out tonight (Credit: ITV)

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The following day, Curtis feels he may have made a mistake and gave Jordan the wrong advice.

Speaking with Maura in the garden, Curtis admits: “I do see your point of view. I did give the wrong advice to Jordan.”

Anna and Jordan will talk out their issues tonight (Credit: ITV)

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But Maura isn’t pacified by Curtis’ apology.

She later reflects in the Beach Hut and reveals: “After listening to her [Anna], I have a slight worry.”

Will this rock Maura and Curtis’ relationship for good?

– Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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