Love Island Hugo

Love Island: Hugo defended by viewers as Faye brands him ‘cringey’ after surgery row

Hugo was previously left in tears after offending Faye this week

Love Island viewers rushed to defend Hugo last night after Faye made a sly dig.

The lovable teacher is yet to find love on the ITV2 dating series, despite being coupled up with Sharon and Chloe.

But it appears Hugo caught the attention of newbies Millie and Lucinda on Wednesday (July 7).

Love Island Hugo
Hugo has proven to be a hit with Love Island viewers (Credit: ITV)

Hugo goes dating!

During last night’s Love Island, the bombshells both chose to take Hugo on a date.

The teacher cooked a pasta dish for Lucinda, while Millie was treated to dessert.

Speaking after the date, Hugo gushed over his romantic time with boutique owner Lucinda.

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He shared: “You don’t find girls who look like that in real life.

“Honestly, she is made from the Gods.”

Meanwhile, in the villa, Faye appeared to dish out some advice for Hugo.

Faye called Hugo ‘cringey’ as she spoke to Chloe (Credit: ITV)

The lettings manager joined Chloe in the bathroom as the pair discussed the male Islanders.

Faye said: “Hugo’s got to make out that he’s not cringey.”

At one point, she even mocked new girl Millie’s laugh.

How did Love Island viewers react?

However, viewers were far from impressed with Faye’s behaviour.

On Twitter, one said: “Faye saying ‘Hugo’s got to make out he’s not cringey’ yet again she’s bullying Hugo. #LoveIsland.”

A second complained: “Faye called Hugo cringey???? #LoveIsland.”

A third tweeted: “Faye is actually a proper nasty piece of work, saying Hugo is going have to make out like he’s not cringey on his date. You’re the most cringe in there love. Get her out.”

In addition, a fourth wrote: “Hugo is ‘cringe’ according to Faye? Sis you just admitted to the world that your parents bought you a boob job at the grown age of 18 because no guys liked you…”

Another raged: “Faye calling Hugo ‘cringe’. Babe you’re nasty, he’s lovely.

Hugo is ‘cringe’ according to Faye?

Meanwhile, others seemingly agreed with Faye.

One said: “Hugo has NO chat!”

Furthermore, a second tweeted: “I’m sorry but Hugo is cringe. He’s only there still out of pity, let’s be real.”

Love Island Hugo
Faye disapproved over Hugo’s ‘fake’ comments (Credit: ITV)

What happened between Hugo and Faye?

Faye’s comment follows shortly after Hugo offended the travel agent during a challenge.

On Tuesday, the PE teacher was left in tears after admitting he doesn’t like ‘fake looks or personality’ on a partner.

Faye and Sharon later slammed Hugo over his ‘ignorant’ remark.

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Faye said: “That word [fake] keeps getting thrown around doesn’t it? It’s ignorant as [bleep].

“I don’t give a [bleep] if he’s crying. He needs to get [bleeping] educated why girls get work done.”

However, Hugo insisted: “I didn’t mean anything malicious did I? I just didn’t mean to upset anyone, that’s the last thing I wanted.”

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