Love Island fans want Maura Higgins to speak to Liberty Poole and Jake Cornish

Love Island fans demand Maura Higgins stages Liberty and Jake intervention

Iconic Love Island speaker of truth!

Love Island fans are demanding Maura Higgins enter the villa to deal with the Jake ‘situation’.

Viewers watched in horror on Friday night as Jake Cornish finally told Liberty Poole he “loves” her.

Love Island's Jake tells Liberty he loves her
Love Island’s Jake told Liberty he “loves” her on Friday (Credit: ITV)

But fans aren’t falling for it and are convinced he is faking his feelings to win a share of the £50,000 prize money.

As a result, they want Irish beauty and former Islander Maura to storm the villa and speak some home truths.

Love Island news today: What have fans said about Maura Higgins?

During the 2019 series of Love Island, Maura did not hold back when it came to giving her opinion.

In one episode, she frankly told Amy Hart that her boyfriend Curtis Pritchard did not love her.

Amy told Maura and fellow Islander Lucie Dolan: “I love him. I love him.”

Lucie replied: “But does he love you?”

Looking disgusted, Maura shot back: “Why are you asking her that?! He doesn’t!”

The clip is now being shared on Twitter as fans call for Maura to enter the show and speak to Liberty – and Jake.

One said: “Maura went after Curtis when this happened!”

Another added: “Honestly. We need Maura in there chatting to Lib ASAP.”

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A third has remarked: “Ngl this year a lot of girls in the villa have been a bit to naive. I wish someone like Maura was in there to open their eyes.”

A fourth simply said: “Maura would rip Jake apart if she was in the season.”

Liberty and Jake: The girls pull rank

Although there are sadly no signs that Maura will be entering the 2021 villa, it seems Liberty’s girl friends are on the case.

During the latest instalment, Liberty began having doubts over Jake’s true intentions.

Kaz was also seen whispering to Tyler: “Do you think he acts up for the cameras or do you think it’s genuine?

Liberty Poole questions Jake's motives on Love Island
Liberty is beginning to doubt her boyfriend (Credit: ITV)

“[Liberty] says it’s her gut instinct. When someone says it’s their gut feeling, I can’t argue with that.”

The Islanders also took part in a challenge and discovered that viewers think Liberty and Jake are the most ‘one-sided’ couple.

Later, Liberty told Jake that he has never said “I love you”, despite her saying it to him four weeks ago.

Viewers then watched in horror as he made a rambling speech and confessed his love.

Love Island's Chloe questions Jake's motives
Chloe and the girls question Jake’s motives on Sunday (Credit: ITV)

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But in a teaser clip for Sunday night’s show, the girls tell Liberty what they think.

Chloe says: “Do you not think he is telling you what you want to hear?”

Looking shocked, Liberty asks them: “Is that what all you guys think? Do you think I’m being an idiot?”

The girls all look on, with Mary slowly nodding.

  • Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2

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