Love Island couple take on The Chase’s Vixen and FAIL to answer simple Love Island question

The pair were left red-faced after being mocked by host Richard Madeley on GMB

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Love Island winners Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay put their knowledge to the test and went head-to-head with The Chase’s Jenny Ryan, aka The Vixen, on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain.

The couple have been hosting the show’s entertainment segment this week but slightly embarrassed themselves after their stint on today’s show.

The much-loved stars managed to correctly answer questions on the capital of Wales and Taylor Swift’s interrupted VMA speech but struggled to answer a simple question about the show where they found fame – Love Island.

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Richard Madeley, who played the role of The Chase host Bradley Walsh for the short segment, asked the pair: “On which group of islands was Love Island filmed?”

They then had to choose from Canary, Balearic or Shetland.

It was clear to see they pair didn’t have a clue what the answer was despite spending over a month living there.

A stunned Richard: “Oh come on!”

Kem then said: “I thought it was in Majorca?”

The camera then turned to presenter Ranvir Singh who was in hysterics watching the duo.

Amber then took a chance and guessed the answer.

She said: “It’s not the Canaries because they’re the Greek islands,” before Richard interrupted: “They’re the Greek islands are they?”

Amber then shouted: “It’s the Canary!”

Quiz master then revealed the correct answer as she said: “They said it was Majorca which means it’s the Balearics.”

The answer was then confirmed as the Balearics as Richard shouted: “You idiots!

“You didn’t know where you were? I thought that was an easy one for you.”

Clearly frustrated by their incorrect answer Kem added: “I knew it was the Balearics!”

Defending himself he said: “I wouldn’t research that though.”

Turning to her beau Amber added: “How did we not get that?”

The reality stars took up presenting duties earlier this week on the early morning talk show.

They have been standing in for Richard Arnold who usually discusses the latest celeb goss.

They definitely tried their best but some viewers watching from home were quick to criticise their efforts.

Watching Monday’s show one viewer tweeted: “Everyone knows I’m a big fan of Love Island… But Kem & Amber presenting and reading the autocue on GMB is painful. They’re not natural.”

Another tweeted: “Ken and Amber on GMB Amber sounds so fake reading the autocue, not made for telly.”

The couple addressed the haters during the show. Richard and Ranvir asked the pair if they’d had any feedback of their presenting on social media, and that’s when Kem hit back.

Kem said: “I went on my Twitter and I’m not going to lie both of us have been getting a bit of stick, but like we’re giving it a go, we’re doing our best, give us a break, guys.”

He added: “People are saying we don’t know what we’re doing.

“It’s not like we have an autocue at home, do you know what I mean?”

Amber said: “We are trying our best.”

Bless them, we thought they did great!

Meanwhile on the show Kem revealed that his ultimate man crush is usual host Piers Morgan.

He revealed that he’s been spending some time in Piers’ dressing room before the show aired and even borrowed some of his aftershave.

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The show’s official Twitter page tweeted: “Looks like you’ve got yourself a new fan, @piersmorgan. Isn’t that right @KemCetinay?”

But Piers didn’t seem too happy. He replied: “A) I don’t wear aftershave. B) Get out of my dressing room.”

Piers and co-host Susanna Reid will be returning to the show next week.

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