love island cast: Where are all the fat people?

OPINION: Love Island – As the line-up is confirmed, where are the fat people?

Nowhere to be seen… and unworthy of love it seems!

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The Love Island 2021 cast line-up has been confirmed and, just like every other series of the show that has ever aired in the UK, there’s not an ounce of fat between the Islanders.

This is in spite of reports ITV was planning its “most diverse” cast yet.

If by diverse they mean blondes, brunettes and red heads, then ITV has cracked it with the Love Island cast of 2021.

But there’s certainly not a body heading into that show that’s representative of mine – or that of millions of other Brits who’ll be tuning in.

love island line up: Where are all the fat people?
Chloe Burrows heading into the Love Island villa (Credit: ITV)

Love Island line up: Where are all the fat people?

Are fat people not worthy of love? Or are we not glamorous enough to appear on telly in swimwear?

Are we in some way not as good as our slim counterparts? Would our jiggles and lumps and bumps make people turn off?

Because intentional or not, that’s the message I’ve received loud and clear from the casting announcement.

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When it comes to the guys, it’s wall-to-wall six-packs, muscles and tattoo sleeves.

Where are the dad bods?! No normal man looks like that!

Looking at the cast of women who have signed up, there’s no doubt they’re beautiful, but they look like clones of years gone by.

Hair extensions, fake tan, fake boobs.

Young impressionable girls watch this show, ITV should be championing normal bodies – all bodies.

It’s dangerous and irresponsible not to show a cross section of Britain – in terms of shape, size, colour, sexual persuasion and intellect.

Let the Love Island viewers decide

I’m well aware that being overweight isn’t healthy, but I don’t think it would hurt to put a size 16 woman in there, mix things up and see how she does.

Let the viewers decide when they get to know them as a person – if you’ve never been fat, you won’t realise that so many people don’t even give you a second glance, let alone a chance to get to know the real you.

And it’s what I feel ITV has done to me with the Love Island line-up.

It’s heartbreaking and a disappointing wasted opportunity – think of the message we could’ve been sending out to teenagers of today.

“It’s okay to be different.”

Well… it’s not actually, looking at the class of 2021.

love island line up: Where are all the fat people?
Toby Aromolaran is one of the new boys entering the villa (Credit: ITV)

Love Island’s ‘first-ever’ disabled contestant

And then there are claims that ITV has cast its first-ever disabled Love Island contestant – ex cricketer Hugo Hammond.

He said: “I was born with clubfoot. I had lots of operations when I was a kid. You can only really tell when I walk barefoot.

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“I’ve got a really short achilles heel. I walk slightly on my tip toes.”

Are we in some way not as good as our slim counterparts? Would our jiggles and lumps and bumps make people turn off?

While there’s no doubt he’s been through the mill, some have pointed out that he isn’t actually the first disabled Islander.

Remember Niall Aslam who left the villa early in 2018 after a mental health breakdown?

He is autistic.

Not all disabilities are visible, ITV.

But I guess at least the disabled community is (kind of) represented.

It’s more than Love Island has done for us fatties!

love island line up: Where are all the fat people?
Laura Whitmore returns to host the show (Credit: ITV)

Where are the plus-size Brits looking for love?

It seems they’re not worthy of finding it – at least not on national telly.

This year’s series will do nothing but perpetuate the myth that fat people are less deserving of love and opportunities than their slimmer counterparts.

And that absolutely breaks my heart.

My only hope is that Casa Amour is full of plus-sized beauties and a couple of them go on to win the show’s cash prize and the hearts of the nation.

Come on ITV, it’s not too late to turn things around!

Love Island 2021 starts on Monday June 28 at 9pm on ITV2.

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