Priya smiles, Boris Johnson looks confused

Love Island: Best memes as Priya confesses her secret crush is Boris Johnson

She shocked her fellow Islanders by 'fancying the PM'

Love Island stars were unable to contain their disbelief after Priya admitted she fancies Boris Johnson.

Contestants were see discussing ‘older’ celebrity crushes on Love Island: Unseen Bits – and Priya’s co-stars were left staggered by her confession.

Love Island viewers had also been stunned by Priya putting the PM on a pedestal. However, her affections had been previously revealed to those watching at home.

Love Island Priya
Priya admitted having a crush on Boris Johnson (Credit: ITV2)

Nonetheless, the shocked reactions from the other reality contestants meant fans had plenty of opportunity to meme Priya’s unlikely admission last night (Saturday August 14).

Priya from Love Island admits to ‘dreaming about Boris Johnson’

And Priya went even further than before by revealing she has had dreams about the Conservative MP, too.

Medical student Priya explained: “I’m attracted to blondes, that’s my usual type.”

Love Island Priya
The girls looked shocked by Priya’s confession (Credit: ITV2)

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She continued: “But it’s not just his hair, he’s super powerful.

“But then he’s Prime Minister, you know. He’s career driven, ambitious, but then on the inside he’s a total sweetheart.”

‘Super cute’

Priya also claimed the PM is “super cute”.

Love Island Priya
Faye looked on in shock (Credit: ITV2)

Faye, however, shot back: “How do you know that? Do you know him personally?”

Priya claimed as she replied: “No but you can just see on TV he’s got that sweet side to him that just comes out.”

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The other Islanders were not impressed, to put it mildly.

But Priya later doubled-down: “It’s the hair. I think it’s just the hair. For me, I’ve had dreams about his hair before.”

Priya’s crush for the PM gets the meme treatment

Unsurprisingly, Twitter flooded with memes concerning Priya’s taste in men.

Many focused on the reaction of the other Love Islanders.

And others were based around how viewers felt about the target of Priya’s affections.

– Love Island airs on ITV2 tonight, Sunday August 15, at 9pm.

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