Love Island Amy says bosses ‘force-fed’ her after losing 6lbs over Curtis heartbreak

She's happy to be out of the show

Amy Hart quit Love Island on Monday as her emotional state was so bad, it saw her shed pounds and producers had to “stand over her” to make sure she ate, she claims.

Amy on Love Island
Amy has left the villa (Credit: ITV)

Amy says she was “in a very horrible place” with her mental health before quitting the show.

The air hostess – who left after getting her heart broken by dancer Curtis Pritchard – chose to do so to protect her “sanity”.

In an interview with The Sun she revealed that she was concerned her emotional state would trigger previous battles with anxiety, saying: “I chose my mental health over the reality show.”

She explained: “I was in a very horrible place over the last week, to be told that the gloves were off with Maura and I had to ‘brace myself’, like a storm. I knew I had to leave when I did.”

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Saying her goodbyes to Curtis (Credit: ITV)

“I’m kidding myself thinking that I can watch Curtis cracking on with Maura. It would be self-sabotage. It’s not nice. I have to put myself and my sanity first.”

She went onto admitting that the whole situation made her feel “so numb” that she couldn’t even eat.

“I was very confused. I couldn’t eat, I lost six pounds. I felt so numb. I didn’t feel hungry.”

She then confessed that the producers started to notice her weight loss so: “would stand over me and make me eat a bowl of food or I couldn’t do the challenges.”

Amy Hart on Love Island
She protecting her sanity. (Credit: ITV)

She continued: “I’ve given up a place that 130,000 people applied for but I had to leave as I wasn’t myself anymore. I was in absolute despair.”

“I was grieving the loss of my first love, living in a house with him and watching one of my alleged friends get with him. I feel a million times better now I’ve left. ”

However despite the recent events Amy admits she’s glad her follow Islanders – including ex Curtis – are doing well in the villa as she wouldn’t have wanted to have “brought everyone down”.

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Maura has made her move on Curtis (Credit: ITV)

Last night’s episode showed the islanders taking part in a Dirty Dancing challenge, where we saw Maura bluntly make her move in front of everyone.

In reference to this, Amy said: “It looks like Curtis has cheered up a lot. If I saw that, I would have been beside myself. It would have been awful.”

She’s sticking by her belief that she has made the best choice for her and the situation to let both her and Curtis move on.

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