Love Island 2021

OPINION: Love Island 2021 needs to inject some hot sex to compete with Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot to Handle has been really hotting up...

Love Island 2021 finally returns to our screens tonight and I’m so ready for several weeks of love, drama – and, yes, hot sex.

But I think the ITV2 show is going to have to provide a lot of entertainment following the latest season of Too Hot To Handle.

And when I say entertainment, I mean it needs to up the hot sex to compete!

Love Island 2021
Love Island needs to up the intimacy this year (Credit: ITV2)

Love Island 2021 needs to up the intimacy

If you watch Netflix‘s Too Hot To Handle, you’ll know the contestants have to refrain from having intimate contact with their fellow stars.

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This means any sexual contact from kissing to having sex is completely off limits and if they do anything, they risk losing money from the $100,000 prize pot.

The show’s aim is to encourage the contestants to build an emotional connection without being intimate.

Love Island 2021
Too Hot to Handle has been hotting up! (Credit: Netflix)

Love Island needs to compete with Too Hot To Handle

However, Love Island is completely opposite and contestants can get as frisky as they like.

But even though the series has a clear advantage when it comes to the intimacy aspect, so far the Too Hot To Handle contestants haven’t been afraid to risk some money to have some smooches.

And it’s fair to say, things have become pretty steamy.

Cam and Emily spent a night in the private suite and struggled to not be intimate.

Meanwhile, during one episode, Cam begged his male villa mates to cover for him if he ‘relieved himself’ which eventually cost $2,000 from the prize pot.

Love Island 2021
Cam got frisky by himself in the shower… (Credit: Netflix)

I think this year’s Love Island will have to keep things hot if it wants to compete with the Netflix dating show.

But I’m sure this year’s series will definitely give Too Hot To Handle a run for its money.

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With the brand new villa, a fresh batch of hot stars and it being the first series since the pandemic hit, I don’t think these contestants are going to hold back.

Let the summer of love begin…

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