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‘Love child’ of Prince Charles and Camilla demands DNA test and ‘the truth’ on This Morning

He's demanding a DNA test and 'the truth'

The “love child” of Prince Charles and Camilla appeared in a chaotic interview on This Morning earlier today (April 29).

Simon Dorante-Day, who is 55, joined the show live from Australia via video link and claimed to be the son of Charles 72, and Camilla, 73.

And he claimed to hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that his eyes and teeth were altered when he was a child as part of a massive cover up.

Simon - prince Charles' love child
Simon Morante-Day claims to be the love child of Prince Charles and Camilla (Credit: ITV)

What did the ‘love child’ say about Prince Charles and Camilla?

Simon appeared to remember meeting Charles and Camilla as a child. He also said he was “entrusted” to his adoptive grandparents as they’d worked with the royal family.

He said: “I was walking to my nan’s [house] when I was about five or six and I heard Nan say to Mum: ‘Well, the visitations have got to stop, he’s going to remember them.’

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“I walked in the door and said: ‘Remember what?’ and of course I copped a mouthful for talking out of turn.”

He added: “I can remember being taken to a house up in Portsdown Hill. The houses at the time were only rented to the Ministry of Defence, there were only naval officers in Portsmouth bases.

“I was taken to one of those houses and my parents waited outside. I went inside and I can remember a lady sitting on the sofa who, in my mind, is about Camilla at the time.

“There was a grandfather clock to my right, I was playing on a coffee table with some toys and there was a gentleman dressed in a naval uniform to the right of me in front of the grandfather clock.

“I can quite clearly remember him saying: ‘Well, we’re [bleep]ed now!'”

Charles and camilla at an event
Simon claims to remember meeting the couple when he was a child (Credit: Splash News)

So what did he say about the royals changing his eye colour?

Simon claimed his eye colour and teeth were changed because of the “gossip” surrounding his existence.

“I don’t think they had any choice but to do that,” he said.

“In those days blue and blue made blue. I can remember the pain. Something was done to my eyes,” he claimed.

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Phil pointed out that Holly has blue eyes and “hasn’t made any claims on royal accent”.

He also said that they’d spoken to Moorfields eye hospital and they “don’t know that procedure”.

“I’m not the one to be asking that question really and I don’t think it’s necessarily from the royals,” he said.

“The government’s place in this is very easily overlooked and other people would like to see the royals be blamed for such a nasty thing.

“But if you think about it I wouldn’t do that to my children and you wouldn’t do it to yours so why would they do that?”

Prince Charles’ ‘love child’ on ‘inconsistencies’ from royals

Phil also pointed out that, while Simon was conceived in 1965, Charles and Camilla didn’t actually meet until 1970.

“So their story goes.

“They talk about inconsistencies in Harry’s interview but the royal family have been running off that inconsistency for a long time.

“The same thing happens to the birth date. Camilla disappeared around 1965,” he told Holly, with the host confirming that Simon claims Camilla was pregnant with him at the time.

He also claimed that one of his children looks like the Queen.

As the picture flashed up on screen, Phillip said: “It’s a stretch.”

He is now taking the royals to court for the second time to ask for a DNA test.

holly and Phil with prince Charles love child
Phil swiftly moved on after Simon’s wife gatecrashed the interview and swore (Credit: ITV)

‘I want the truth, I want answers’

Royal biographer Robert Jobson joined the chat to admit he didn’t think the dates of Simon’s claims “added up”.

Simon’s wife Elvianna then jumped in.

Phillip asked: “What is it you want?”

“I want the truth, I want answers,” Simon said, as he and Robert shouted over each other.

“Whoever is shouting in the background that’s pointless because we can’t hear that either,” said a flustered Phil.

They talk about inconsistencies in Harry’s interview but the royal family have been running off that inconsistency for a long time.

“That’s my wife,” Simon said. “They have a right to know the truth as well.”

Elvianna jumped in: “Not lies, not lies, stop treat indigenous people like [bleep].”

A shocked Phil quipped: “That wasn’t very royal.”

Holly added: “Sorry for any bad language.”

Phil then decided to swiftly “move on” with the show!

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