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Louis Tomlinson vows never to go on BBC Breakfast again after ‘upsetting’ interview

He was left looking uncomfortable

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One Direction’s Louise Tomlinson vowed never to go back on BBC Breakfast after an awkward interview that left him looking uncomfortable.

The singer, 28, appeared on this morning’s episode (Monday February 3 2020) to publicise his new solo album Walls.

But the conversation soon turned to personal issues, and it wasn’t long before Louis took to Twitter to voice his frustration.

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Hosts Louise Minchin and Dan Walker asked the singer about his new album, but zeroed in on one track, Two of Us, which contained personal lyrics that referred back to losing both his mother and sister in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

He said during the interview that the song held a ‘different emotional weight’ and that people have shared personal stories with him about what the lyrics mean to them.

Louise, 51, also asked him about his spat with former bandmate Zayn Malik, but he told the presenting pair that, ‘he wasn’t ready to have that conversation yet’.

After the interview, Louis took to Twitter and said: “Defo won’t be going on there again. Haha!

“Love to all my fans for always having my back. [sic]”

It wasn’t long before Dan, 42, responded.

“Sorry you feel like that,” he wrote: “It was nice to speak to you on #BBCBreakfast this morning. Can I as what you are upset about?”

Louis then posted a lengthy reply, accusing the programme of continuing to ask about his grief.

“I was upset that you continued to ask me about my grief,” he said. “It goes without saying how hard it is to lose both people so close to me.

The least I ask is that you respect my decision of not wanting to be asked in interviews about something so painful.

“The least I ask is that you respect my decision of not wanting to be asked in interviews about something so painful.”

In a separate tweet, Louis said: “I’m lucky enough to have a creative outlet for me to talk about grief this doesn’t, however, give you the right to talk about it for gossip purposes.”

Dan then replied: “Hi Louis. We were asking you about the song on your new album about your mum.

“We know it’s painful which is why we didn’t dwell on it. No intention to upset you or be ‘gossipy’ about it at all. That’s not our style on #BBCBreakfast.”

Louis’ reaction to the interview caused outrage among his army of fans, who also took to the social media platform to post their support.

“He’s upset you focused on his past and personal life rather than his solo career,” one said.

“He’s upset you barely talked nor promoted his solo album that JUST came out and SHOULD be the thing you focus on. he’s upset you keep repeating questions about the same topics when it clearly is.”

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Another said: “Are you kidding? The choice of your questions on national TV was a whole new level of insensitivity, or rather thoughtlessness.

“How about asking him about his music next time? Oh wait, there won’t be any next time…”

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