Lorraine viewers not impressed with the show’s “awful” new set

Fans branded the set-up "fake" and difficult to watch

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Lorraine viewers were left unimpressed with a brand new set up on Friday’s Lorraine after the show introduced a live audience.

It was only a one-off as part of a special episode dedicated to Dame Joan Collins and 80s fashion.

But fans weren’t happy with the shake-up and vented their opinions on Twitter demanding that the show should “send the audience home”.

The show introduced a live audience for a one-off special (Credit: ITV)

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As the show started the presenter said: “Good morning and welcome to you at home and welcome to my audience!”

Lorraine, 57, then introduced 80s fashion icon Joan, who would be standing in through the entire show.

But the very enthusiastic audience didn’t go down well with viewers who slated them for “laughing at everything” throughout the hour-long episode.

One wrote on Twitter: “Hang on a minute why does #lorraine have an audience now!?? It’s weird!!”

Another added: “Live ‘cackling on cue’ studio audience? It’s a no from me!”


“Right!! Enough now.. open the exits and send them home>>> no more audience,” a third tweeted.

Another threatened to switch off the show: “Really do not like #lorraine with the studio audience why would ITV change it… it’s a switch off from me.”

One added: “Hate this with an audience. It’s like an awful American show. Bring back the normal show & cookery with Dean.”



But some devoted fans loved the new set up.

One said: “Can’t believe I’m saying it… but I think the live audience actually works quite well.”

“I quite like the live studio audience feel this morning,” another admitted.

Meanwhile the show dedicated the full hour to Dame Joan as she promoted her brand new film Time Of Their Lives.

And of course she spoke about her role in hit 80s show Dynasty.

Speaking to Lorraine the Dame confessed: “Hollywood is a very tough to place to be.”

Dame Joan appeared on the show for a 80s special (Credit: ITV)

Talking about her role in Dynasty, Joan admitted she enjoyed her days on the show.

She also revealed she had no idea a remake of the series was being made.

Lorraine asked the star: “Dynasty is coming back we believe, would you be in this new one?”

To which Joan, 84, replied: “I honestly don’t know anything about it.

“Nobody’s talked to me about it so I have no idea.

“Ask me again when it comes out, if it comes out.”

The audience didn’t go down well with viewers (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine recently returned back to the show earlier this month following her annual summer break.

Viewers were greeted by Christine Lampard who stood in for the presenter during August.

Speaking about landing the stint the Loose Women star said at the time: “I’m really excited to be back in the hot seat whilst Lorraine is off on her holidays.

“I’ll do my best to fill her shoes for a few weeks and have some fun along the way too.”

And just before Lorraine’s return the show was taken off air for a whole week and replaced by early morning show Good Morning Britain leaving fans reeling.

Christine stood in for Lorraine over the summer (Credit: Instagram)

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During an episode of Good Morning Britain presenter Jeremy Kyle, who was standing in for Piers Morgan at the time, announced the news to viewers.

He said: “Big news, another breaking news story [I’m] back next week, Monday and I’ve news for you Garraway, we’re not only on from 6am to 8.25am.

“GMB is taking over from Lorraine so we’re actually on from 6am until 9.25 after which you’ll get The Jeremy Kyle Show.”

Much to the delight of fans Lorraine is firmly back on our screens!

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