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Lorraine Kelly takes ‘huge issue’ with Prince William over space tourism news

She doesn't think he's right 'at all'

Prince William came under fire from Lorraine Kelly today over the recent news about space tourism.

Yesterday (October 13), William Shatner became the oldest person to ever travel to space.

However, Prince William wasn’t entirely on board with the idea – and Lorraine Kelly today (October 14) admitted that she took “huge issue” with his comments.

prince William news
Lorraine Kelly wore a pretty apt outfit for the debate today (Credit: ITV)

Prince William news: What did Lorraine Kelly say?

In a trailer for her show, Lorraine revealed she’d be talking about yesterday’s trip into space.

Wearing a pretty apt blouse emblazoned with planets and stars, Lorraine called it the “war of the Williams”.

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Teasing what was to come, she said she was “not happy” with Prince William as he “takes aim at William Shatner”.

She explained: “I’m not happy with Prince William, I’m taking issue.”

prince William news
Prince William reacted angrily to news of the space tourism flight (Credit: ITV)

What was Lorraine taking issue with?

Her comments came after the Duke of Cambridge spoke about yesterday’s flight.

He said: “We need some of the world’s greatest brains and minds to fix on trying to repair this planet not trying to find somewhere else to go and live.”

Lorraine, however, didn’t appear to agree.

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“I can understand what he’s saying but I don’t agree with him at all.

“I think space travel has given us so much knowledge, it’s enhanced our lives, the things we’ve learned about climate change and communications.

“So I wouldn’t agree with him at all,” she said.

“I take huge issue with that. I hear what Prince William is saying but I don’t think he’s right at all,” she said.

What did Lorraine viewers say about the Prince William row?

The majority of tweets to the show backed the royal.

One viewer said: “Absolute idiocy about space travel vs climate change on #Lorraine.

“Addressing the climate emergency and blasting tonnes of fossil fuel so people can look at the wide shot of a planet they’re actively destroying are scientifically incompatible. Basic fact.

“Prince William = right.”

Another added: “#lorraine on #itv arguing against #PrinceWilliam. Yes space has been something we have learnt from but William Shatner went for a joy ride. It’s just wrong.”

A third declared: “Lorraine disagreeing with Prince William about space travel – has she seen the state of this planet?”

However, some were on the TV presenter’s side.

One said: “The day Prince William stops being chauffeured around in big old Rolls Royce and stops living in old inefficient houses – that’ll be the day I listen to one of his Victorian opinions.”

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