Lorraine Kelly speaking to the camera on ITV show

Lorraine Kelly left red-faced and ‘ashamed’ over daughter Rosie’s shock confession

The TV star joked there would be 'carnage' if she went on MasterChef

Lorraine Kelly has been shamed on TV – by her own daughter!

The 62-year-old was mortified last year when Rosie spilled the beans about her less than impressive culinary skills.

Lorraine was on James Martin’s show, Saturday Morning, with her daughter Rosie Smith, and the chef couldn’t resist asking Rosie for a little inside goss about her famous mum.

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Rosie batch cooks for her mum

Lorraine’s daughter Rosie obliged by telling a story about how her dad hurt his foot and couldn’t cook, so she batch cooked and froze a bunch of meals and popped some pies in the fridge to be heated up later.

Lorraine Kelly and Rosie Kelly Smith chat as they sit next to one another
Lorraine Kelly and daughter Rosie went on James’s show together (Credit: Instagram)

Looking surprised, James asked who she was batch cooking for.

“For mum to then heat up,” Rosie replied.

The 28-year-old said she even left instructions on how to prepare the dishes, as her mum admitted: “I’m ashamed!”

But it clearly wasn’t enough, as Lorraine messed up a pie.

“It was burnt to a crisp!” said Rosie, as her mum giggled.

James joked that Lorraine should go on MasterChef

James thought the story was hilarious and quipped that Lorraine should give a cooking show like MasterChef a try at some point.

But the presenter chuckled: “It would be carnage! It would be carnage!”

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Rosie revealed her mum isn’t much of a cook (Credit: This Morning YouTube)

Does Lorraine have any other children besides daughter Rosie?

Lorraine has been with her husband Steve Smith for many years.

Steve is a TV cameraman and they met in the early 90s, before tying the knot in 1992.

Lorraine welcomed daughter Rosie in 1994.

The TV star has previously spoken out about how she suffered a miscarriage when her daughter was around five.

Speaking on her talk show last year, she shared: “I remember at the time, gosh it was over 20 years ago now when it happened to me, I think that people were trying to reassure me and they were saying, ‘Oh, this is very common and this happens to one in three women’, and actually, it made me feel worse.

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“This shouldn’t be happening to so many women and people don’t talk about it enough.”

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