Lorraine Kelly in cringey on-air gaffe

TV presenter caught having a chat

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Lorraine Kelly was caught out earlier today having a chin wag that wasn’t meant to be aired with staff on her morning ITV show.

The TV presenter appeared on screen a few seconds earlier than she was due to when viewers were meant to be seeing Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid finishing up their breakfast show duties.

As the Good Morning Britain logo began to show, the footage cut to Lorraine who could be heard saying, “I’m glad she’s here because it’s safe,” with a staff member replying, “sure, sure”.

Good Morning Britain presenters Piers and Susanna could be heard in the background saying goodbye and telling viewers that they’d be back tomorrow as Lorraine then thanked them and introduced her show.

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The whoopsie came after Lorraine had admitted to Piers that she’d been “shouting at the TV” following his interview with a pro-gun campaigner in light of the Las Vegas gun attacks that happened yesterday.

Piers had been left seething when guest on his show, Dan Roberts, had laughed and said he’d hoped America’s gun laws wouldn’t change, after a gunman opened fire at the Mandalay Bay Casino in Vegas, killing 59 people.

Lorraine admitted she was absolutely enraged by the sentiment.

She told Piers, “I was watching that interview that you both did with the man from the NRA and I just couldn’t get my head around what he was saying.”

“I was shouting at the television, I mean, no wonder you got so irate! It was absolutely ridiculous!” she added.

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It isn’t the first time an on-air gaffe has left Lorraine red faced. Last year, she dissolved into giggles as she got confused over actor Justin Theroux’s ‘WCW’ moniker for wife Jennifer Aniston.

As she discussed the latest showbiz gossip with Ross King and he told her that Justin uses the phrase ‘WCW’ for Jen (which means Woman Crush Wednesday) Lorraine asked: “Is it some kind of lubricant?!”

Catch Lorraine tomorrow at 9.30am on ITV