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Saturday 4th April 2020

'Shaken' Lorraine Kelly reveals why daughter Rosie is no longer coming home from Singapore amid coronavirus pandemic

Lorraine Kelly was live in the Good Morning Britain studio with Piers Morgan as the first week of coronavirus lockdown continues.

The 'shaken' TV host revealed why her daughter Rosie will not be coming home from Singapore amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

She explained why she felt Singapore have a "better handle" on the crisis that the UK.

The UK  coronavirus death toll has risen dramatically since yesterday to 422.

Many critics are wondering whether other countries have been better prepared for the pandemic.

Today Lorraine Kelly told Piers Morgan that her daughter Rosie is currently in Singapore.

Piers Morgan commented that the host looked visibly "shaken".

She replied: "Rosie is in Singapore and they have had a little bit of a spike."

She went on to say: "They are so good at containing this. They have been incredible. They have had 558 cases, 2 deaths. "

She also detailed some of the safety measures Singapore have put in place.

Anyone who comes into the country has to self isolate. If they don't, they will be jailed or fined.

She referred to the situation as a "proper lockdown", where "people obey".

While, it was a difficult decision for the family, the TV host explained:

"She was coming home but now in a way I think she is better off there, I really do.

"They really have a handle on it. They have done from the very start..we need to catch up. "

Dr Hilary agreed that as Singapore have a smaller population, the virus may be easier to control there.

GMB fans responded with shock on Twitter and wondered why the UK wasn't enforcing the same policies.

One revealed: "In Singapore they make u sign legal doc to say you will self isolate! Here in #UK people just walk past customs into country @piersmorgan #GMB"

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