Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine

Lorraine breaks down while talking to her daughter Rosie who’s in Singapore amid COVID-19 outbreak

"Stay safe love"

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Morning TV star Lorraine Kelly spoke to her daughter this morning live on Good Morning Britain.

The Scottish presenter has been separated from Rosie throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Rosie in Singapore, Lorraine explained how good it was to “see her wee face.”

Her mother was close to tears in a moving segment that viewers found easy to relate to.

24 year old Rosie has been living and working in Singapore for the last four years.

She joined Lorraine via video link to explain the situation overseas, as the country enters lockdown for the first time.

Rosie revealed Singapore has been dealing with coronavirus since January.

Some of the measures she detailed include: “Temperature checks, testing, everyone working from home, travel bans.”

Rosie joked: ” We did the toilet roll thing earlier in the year.”

Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine
Lorraine Kelly on Lorraine. (Credit: ITV)

Lorraine’s daughter also divulged that those who are caught outside will get a 10,000 dollar fine or six months in jail.

Foreign workers will have their employment pass revoked.

She went on to say: “People don’t want to risk it.”

Lorraine Kelly praised Singapore and feels her daughter is in “one of the safest places in the world.”

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“Stay safe love”

Towards the end of the interview, the daytime presenter broke down.

Her voice wobbled as she said: “It’s so good to talk to you baby, it’s so good to see your wee face.”

Lorraine continued: “I do miss you. Stay safe love.”

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“I cried”

Many GMB viewers were touched by this, as many are separated from their families due to the coronavirus lockdown.

One tweeted: “So hard isn’t it! What a party we will all have once we are able, I cry most days because I miss my kids and grandkids but it won’t be long, it’s for the greater good xx”

Another agreed: “This touched me so much. I cried as my own two girls are in Glasgow and I am very safe in Greece. Take care everyone!”

On 25th March, Lorraine revealed why her daughter Rosie will not be coming home from Singapore amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

The shaken Good Morning Britain host explained she felt Singapore have a “better handle” on the crisis that the UK.

“She was coming home but now in a way I think she is better off there, I really do.

“They really have a handle on it. They have done from the very start..we need to catch up. ”

Dr Hilary agreed that as Singapore have a smaller population, the virus may be easier to control there.

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