Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon defends parents who bathe with their teenage children

The panel were discussing whether it's wrong for parents to bathe with their teenage children

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Loose Women’s Stacey Solomon defended parents who choose to bathe with their teenage children and admitted she still bathes with her two young boys on Friday’s show.

The panel, made up of Andrea McLean, Denise Van Outen, Stacey and Kaye Adams, were discussing whether it’s wrong for parents to bathe with their teen kids.

It was revealed that 92% of the show’s viewers voted it was wrong and Stacey, 27, was left completely baffled by the results saying she doesn’t see anything wrong with it at all.

Stacey revealed she still bathes with her two boys (Credit: ITV)

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Stacey, who is mum to Zachary, nine, and Leighton, five, said: “I’m not horrified at all.

“Anyone who’s horrified at the thought of parents sharing a bath with their children I think has issues.”

Kaye then interrupted: “Your 16-year-old son?”

To which Stacey replied: “Listen, it’s each to their own.”

The blonde beauty continued: “I still have baths with my children – my eldest is nine. Sometimes he’s like, ‘oh put the bubbles over your boobs mother, don’t want to see it’.

“But at the same time, why does the body always have to be looked at as some sexual thing? Why can’t it just be the human body?”

The panel were discussing whether it’s wrong for parents to bathe with their teen children (Credit: ITV)

A snap taken from Stacey’s Instagram showing her having a bubble bath with her boys was then shown behind them.

The bubbly presenter defended her choice by saying: “It’s almost like having dinner and reading bedtime stories.

“Having a bath is how we socialise and communicate and it’s a normal part of our daily routine.”

The star then went ahead and read out some comments that she had received on the photo.

Stacey read out: “‘This is wrong on so many levels’,” followed by, “‘Your mind must be twisted'” and “‘You have to teach children boundaries and privacy'”.

The star received backlash after sharing a snap of her in the bath with her two sons (Credit: ITV)

Kaye, 54, then asked the singer: “I don’t see Joe in that picture?”

To which Stacey said: “Joe would jump in! He’d wear his pants or boxers or whatever but it’s our family time.”

The star finished her point by adding: “I understand if you don’t want to have a bath with your children, but I think it’s sad to sit there and judge people and say it’s wrong or disgusting.”

Giving her opinion on the topic Kaye said: “[My daughter] Charlie is 15 and if I tried to get in the bath with her she would try to drown me!”

92% of the audience believed it was wrong to share a bath with your teenager (Credit: ITV)

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She did however reveal: “I go in and chat to her while she’s in the bath.”

Guest panellist Denise agreed with Stacey and admitted she still has baths with her seven-year-old daughter Betsy and said her daughter would “tell me” when she doesn’t want to anymore.

Many viewers didn’t approve of sharing a bath with teenagers. One tweeted: “I think it’s weird having a bath with a teenager #LooseWomen.”

Another added: “Little kids yes, but sharing a bath with a teenager? I’m not so sure about that, I don’t think it’s right. MY OPINION #LooseWomen.”

“‘Would you share a bath with your Teenage child’?!! I’ve no words  My beached whale wrinkled body would horrify them,” a third said.

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