Nadia Sawalha smear Loose Women

Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha praised after filming herself having a smear test

Her smear test video diary was discussed on the ITV panel show today

Nadia Sawalha filmed herself having a smear test for a Loose Women video diary that aired today (Friday 1 March).

The 54-year-old mum-of-two admitted that she had been avoiding going for a smear, and had in fact put it off for a year longer than advised.

Nadia Sawalha Loose Women smear
Dr. Phillippa Kay chatted to Nadia before carrying out the procedure (Credit: ITV)

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Vowing to book an appointment and film a video diary of the procedure, Nadia was seen visiting Dr. Phillippa Kay’s clinic.

After discussing the simple test, Nadia was then seen lying on the GP’s bed for the few minutes the smear took.

Nadia hoped to show other women there’s nothing to be “nervous” about.

Nadia Sawalha Loose Women smear
Nadia and others hope to destigmatise smear tests (Credit: ITV)

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Dr. Kay was seen holding up the swab before and after Nadia’s test.

Both women hope the televised smear will help to banish any stigma surrounding the cervical screening, and encourage young women to book theirs in.

Nadia explained that, after the menopause, women only need a smear every five years.

However, beforehand, it’s every three years.

Nadia Sawalha Loose Women smear
Nadia “wasn’t nervous at all” about the smear (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women have launched a #FaceYourSmear campaign to encourage women to book in their cervical screening.

Despite the high profile death of Jade Goody almost exactly 10 years ago, the number of women undergoing their smear tests has plummeted to an all-time low.

One in four women in the UK are late for having their smear test done by their doctors.

The test, for women between 25 to 64, can detect early signs of cervival cancer and has been proven to save lives.

Fans praised Nadia for undergoing the test, with one saying: “I think it’s amazing that Nadia filmed her smear test, showing young women who have never had it done before that it’s not all that scary but definitely worth going! #loosewomen.”

Another said: “Yes @nadiasawalha. Massive respect for filming your smear, shows just how fuss-free it really is #LooseWomen.”

A third said: “Hope you feel so much better for going Nadia… Hopefully you’ve encouraged a lot of women to get their checks.”

“Well done Nadia,” said another. “So so important. I have recently had a hysteroscopy and biopsy. Now that was awful compared to the smear. I will never fear having a smear ever again #faceyoursmear.”

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