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Loose Women viewers slam show for airing ‘unnecessary’ sex discussion on daytime TV

Some viewers thought it was inappropriate for daytime telly

Viewers of Loose Women have slammed the show for airing an “unnecessary” discussion about sex.

The panel were discussing whether articles which give tips on your sex life actually do more harm than good.

The conversation turned to G-spots and the loose ladies began speaking about their own experiences in the bedroom.

Loose Women sex chat
Loose Women fans have slammed the show for airing an “unnecessary” discussion about sex (Credit: ITV)

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Denise Welch said: “I will openly say if there was a G-spot, I would have found it.”

Her co-star Andrea McLean asked: “Have you had a good look?”

I will openly say if there was a G-spot, I would have found it.

Denise replied: “No I haven’t had a good look but I’ve had enough experience to know that if it was there, I think I would have been a person to have found it.

“I’ve personally never experienced the G-spot but you always had magazines telling you it was there.

Denise Welch on Loose Women
Denise Welch opened up about her own experiences (Credit: ITV)

“I never took any notice because I always thought, ‘I know it’s not there.’

“I was perfectly capable to reach the final thing that should happen when you have sex and orgasm but not from the… I’m trying not to do the actions.

“Not from the G-spot aspect of it but from the other aspect of it.”

Andrea then asked: “So from the outside rather than the inside?”

Denise replied: “From the outside rather than the inside and sometimes that was with a solo flight.

“McGiff, G-spots.”

Loose Women stars
Some viewers thought the conversation wasn’t appropriate for daytime TV (Credit: ITV)

Carol McGiffin then gave her thoughts, saying: “When I first got busy in that department, I used to have the best time.

“I absolutely loved it, I thought it was the greatest thing I could ever do and I did it a lot when I was younger.

“But then I did start reading those magazines and they did spoil it for me.”


Saira Khan continued: “Coming from a really strict family, where absolutely nothing was discussed about sex, for me those magazines were my outlet.

“It helped me to understand my body and helped me to understand what to expect.

Andrea McLean
Some viewers found the conversation funny (Credit: ITV)

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“So when I did get busy in that department, it wasn’t a fearful thing and I kind of knew what to expect.”

Some viewers weren’t impressed with the segment, with many saying it was “too much information”.

What did they say?

One person wrote on Twitter: “@loosewomen I think you should choose your topics for discussion a little more wisely.


“It’s lunchtime, the TV may be on in the background, lots of children are off school and you thought it would be the perfect time to discuss whether the G-spot exists. Really??”

Another said: ” I think this type of topic should not be allowed on daytime TV especially when children are off school due to COVID.”

A third added: “I love watching this show every day while I’m working from home.

“But cringe today, my boys having their lunch while you are talking about sex and G-Spots.”


However, others were amused.

One tweeted: “Solo flight @RealDeniseWelch literally crying with laughter, made my day!”

Another said: “Watching @loosewomen, my 8-year-old daughter just asked what a G spot is!!! Haha cheers ladies.”



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