Loose Women viewers slam Jane Moore for her comment about disabled parking

The Loose Women debate sparked controversy today

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Today’s episode left some viewers disgruntled after panellist Jane Moore admitted she once questioned someone parking in a disabled space and told them: “You don’t look very disabled.”

It came as panellists Jane, Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha and Saira Khan discussed a recent incident where a fight broke out in a car park because a couple without children parked in a parent and child space at a supermarket.

The show posed the question: “Should we scrap parent-child parking spaces?” But talk then turned to disabled parking.

Jane, 56, explained: “I have confronted someone I saw parking in a disabled space. She got out of the car like a mountain gazelle.”

Jane had her say (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

She continued: “I said, you know me I start off polite, I said: ‘Excuse me, you don’t look very disabled.’

“She told me that she was disabled because she was depressed. Now, you do not need a car parking space next to the entrance of the supermarket because you have depression.”

Her co-host Andrea, 49, then said: “Not all disabilities are visible”.

Her words stunned some viewers (Credit: ITV/YouTube)

It prompted some viewers to question why Jane had asked the woman and others pointed out, like Andrea, that not all disabilities and illnesses can be seen.

One unhappy viewer tweeted: “Completely disgusted that Jane on #loosewomen goes up to people accusing them of not being disabled! Many people have hidden illnesses (e.g. cancer) and are entitled to blue badges due to their physical exhaustion. THINK before butting into other people’s business.”

While a second added: “No p**s off Jane, you do NOT get to say to someone ‘you don’t LOOK disabled!’ 😠How DARE you? It’s because of people like you that disabled people struggle so badly in life. Judgemental and rude or what?! #LooseWomen.”

Another wrote: “you dont look disabled?……Well you dont look ignorant but there you go #loosewomen.”

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A fourth called the conversation “shocking”, commenting: “I am outraged by the conversation on loose woman, shame on them… not all disabilities are visible. What gives them the right to ‘assume’ that if someone is not falling out of a car in a disabled parking space, there’s nothing wrong! #loosewomen #shocking.”

The panel struck up drama on social media today (Credit: ITVYouTube)

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The Loose Women conversation continued by Saira then admitting that she would use a disabled toilet if there was a queue for the other loos.

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