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Loose Women viewers divided as Kaye Adams interrupts guest Jean-Christophe Novelli

He was on the show to talk about his autistic son Valentino

Loose Women anchor Kaye Adams left viewers divided today (April 14) after she cut off a guest during an interview.

Some took to Twitter to brand Kaye “rude” for stepping in and throwing to a break during a chat with Jean-Christophe Novelli and his girlfriend Michelle.

The couple appeared on Loose Women via video link to talk about their son Valentino’s autism diagnosis.

The brave tot had previously battled cancer.

kaye adams on loose women
Kaye Adams came under fire after today’s Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Kaye on Loose Women today?

Kaye came under fire from viewers for her behaviour during the interview.

As his parents chatted to the panel, four-year-old Valentino could be heart “chattering” in the background.

As Michelle and Jean-Christophe detailed their coping mechanisms, Kaye cut in and said there was a “problem” with the sound.

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Holding up her hands, she said: “Apologies for interrupting, we’re having a problem with our sound.

“So we’ll go for a quick break and we’ll come out and sort out the sound issues so we can speak to you properly.”

“Sorry about that,” the chef replied.

“Not at all, it’s entirely our fault,” Kaye noted.

She also apologised when they came back from the break.

“Can I apologise to you both,” Kaye started.

“We had a few technical problems and we could hear Valentino chattering away so hopefully we’ve sorted things out now.”

The couple then continued with their interview.

However, Valentino was noticeably absent, which led to anger from some viewers who presumed the couple had been asked to remove him from the room during the ad break.

jean-christophe novel on Loose women
Jean-Christophe Novelli and girlfriend Michelle apologised for the disruption (Credit: ITV)

What did Loose Women viewers say?

You could’ve at least lied and said it wasn’t the child’s noise, Kaye,” fumed one viewer.

“They do a piece on eliminating stigma and promoting tolerance for children with autism, but break into the interview to have the kid bundled out of earshot,” claimed another.

They added: “The irony lost on them.”

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A third suggested: “Technical issues = the kid was making too much noise.”

Another tagged the chef and commented: “As a father of three autistic children I found it extremely rude and insensitive of @loosewomen to make you move Valentino from the room.

As a father of three autistic children I found it extremely rude and insensitive of @loosewomen to make you move Valentino from the room.

“To use sound problems as an excuse then Kaye opening up with ‘we could just hear him’ is disgusting, I am surprised you came back on.”

Another said: “Love how @loosewomen do the politically correct ‘lets talk about inclusion of autistic children’ then break away from Jean-Christophe for ‘sound issues’ then move the autistic child to a different room…

“Like, wow. Did you really just do that?”

jean-christophe novel on Loose women
The chef with sons Jean, Jacques and Valentino (Credit: ITV)

‘It’s an interview and you couldn’t hear them’

However, Kaye did have some support from viewers.

“I mean it’s an interview and you couldn’t hear them,” said one fan of the show.

“Not much you can learn by hearing a child scream over them.”

Another replied to one of the comments hitting out at Kaye and said: “So you’d be okay to listen to 10/15 minutes of screaming?

“Just to prove the point of what it’s like to live with a kid with autism?”

What did Jean-Christophe and Michelle say?

The couple couldn’t apologise enough as they continued to say sorry for the disruption.

At the end of the chat, Michelle told the panel: “Sorry for the noise earlier on.”

The couple are also parents to sons Jean and Jacques, while Jean-Christophe has a grown-up daughter from his first marriage.

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