Loose Women viewers criticise Carol McGiffin’s remarks in wolf-whistling debate

She said she finds it "flattering"

Viewers of Loose Women have criticised Carol McGiffin for comments she made in a debate about wolf-whistling.

The panel were discussing if they would be offended by cat-calling.

The conversation came after reports that street harassment has increased during lockdown.

Carol McGiffin on Loose Women
Carol McGiffin defended wolf-whistling (Credit: ITV)

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What did Carol say?

However, Carol said it “wouldn’t offend her at all” if someone wolf-whistled at her.

Speaking about whether it should become a hate crime, she said: “A hate crime? Seriously?

I just give up. It doesn’t offend me at all.

“I just give up. It doesn’t offend me at all. It wouldn’t if it ever happened, a chance would be a fine thing.

“To imply it’s happening now more after lockdown.

“All these men who haven’t seen women for so long that they can’t help themselves, I just don’t buy it.”

Carol McGiffin
Some viewers didn’t agree with Carol (Credit: ITV)

She continued: “I think it’s so out of control. People are so overly offended by everything.”

Carol admitted she “would love” for it to happen now.

However, viewers weren’t happy with her comments.

What did they say?

One person said on Twitter: “#LooseWomen need to get a hold of themselves.

“Saying the younger generation are ‘too sensitive’ for not liking being ‘cat called’… wrong!

“It’s demeaning and rude.

“They’re obviously in dire need of some attention and scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Chat about real news!”

Meanwhile, another wrote: “Getting wolf whistled and cat called and not liking it is not being ‘over-sensitive.’

“It is often humiliating, demeaning and intimidating.”

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In addition, a third added: “@ITV I know you’re not blind to how damaging Carol’s opinion on wolf-whistling is.

“Or the whole ‘I would find it flattering’ argument.

“Missing the point entirely, I’m disgusted you give these schools of thought such an accessible platform.”

Meanwhile, others agreed with Carol and praised the discussion.

One wrote: “Good to hear @loosewomen are talking about whether catcalling should be considered a crime.

“10000x YES. It’s vile, it’s intimidating & it’s harassment.”

In addition another said: “Far far more horrible things going on than wolf-whistling.”

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