Miriam Margolyes eats onion on Loose Women today

Loose Women today: Miriam Margolyes divides fans with habit

Miriam never fails to make us laugh!

On Loose Women today, Miriam Margolyes left viewers divided as she ate a raw onion during her interview.

The telly favourite appeared on Tuesday’s show to discuss her new book, This Much Is True.

However, conversation quickly turned to the raw onion Miriam was delving into at the start of the chat.

Miriam has previously spoke about her love for eating raw onions.

Miriam Margolyes eats onion on Loose Women todaye Women
Miriam ate an onion on Loose Women (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today

Host Christine Lampard asked: “What are you munching on?”

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Miriam said: “Well I was told you wanted me to show that I really do eat onions like apples.

“So I am!”

Miriam Margolyes eats onion on Loose Women today
Some of the Loose Women found eating a raw onion slightly gross! (Credit: ITV)

Christine said: “There are lots of health benefits, but actually it’s not that you’re doing it for the health benefits at all Miriam, you do it because you enjoy it.”

Miriam replied: “Mmm it’s so tasty.”

Speaking about the smell of onions staying on your breath, Miriam said: “Anyone can have bad breath, it’s not just to do with onions.”

Miriam Margolyes eats onion on Loose Women today
How can you not love Miriam?! (Credit: ITV)

While many viewers loved seeing Miriam chomp on an onion, others weren’t happy.

One person said: “Eurgh! I’ve just walked back in, with my lunch, to see Miriam Margolyes chomping on a raw onion with her mouth open.”

Another agreed: “Revolting.”

A third added: “Just had to turn @loosewomen off. Why invite that woman to be a guest?

“Raw onion as a snack? Why does that not surprise me.”

Another tweeted: “Why is Miriam eating while being interviewed?!?!”

However, another tweeted: “Love Miriam a real person – agree so much with her.”

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One said: “@loosewomen who doesn’t love @MMargolyes, she is so funny and eating a whole raw onion.”

Another added: “Miriam is hilarious and doesn’t give a [expletive].”

Loose Women airs on ITV, weekdays, from 12:30pm.

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