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Loose Women: Katie Piper and Jane Moore clash over Covid lockdown fears

The two panellists shared very different views

There was a clash of the titans on Loose Women today (October 25) when Katie Piper and Jane Moore argued about another Covid lockdown.

The presenters locked horns while talking about Austria’s possible move to lockdown only the unvaccinated.

Katie is vehemently against the move, saying it would cause a ‘two-tier’ society, but Jane argues it would prompt those who remain unjabbed to get their shots.

loose women today
Loose Women star Katie Piper said the sanctions would cause havoc (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today: What happened during the debate?

Katie pointed out that there were still many people unable to have the vaccine due to medical reasons.

She said: “I don’t believe in discriminating against people who, for whatever reason, haven’t had vaccination.

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“I think it would cause more division, more isolation for a part of society who are already isolated pre-Covid and pre-pandemic.”

She felt restrictions that targeted those unable to be jabbed were unfair, and would isolate vulnerable people even more.

However, Jane reaffirmed her position and said the restrictions should only affect those who could have the jab, but refused.

Loose Women's Jane Moore
Jane Moore said the restrictions should be for anti-vaxxers only (Credit: ITV)

She argued: “I think people who are exempt from having the vaccine wouldn’t be put into lockdown because obviously, it’s not their problem – they physically can’t have the vaccine so they can’t be discriminated against.

“What we’re talking about is anti-vaxxers – those who could have the vaccine.

“I’m like you, I don’t agree, I don’t think we should discriminate between people but we need to be more persuasive.

“Otherwise we’re just going to go into the same kind of problem round and round. I don’t think any of us want to go back into lockdown again.”

How did viewers respond?

Obviously, the debate raged on over on Twitter, with many viewers torn over the suggestions.

One viewer said: “I agree we must never end up a two-tier society the choice to take the vaccine or not must never be taken away from the individual. Vaccinated people can still catch and spread the virus thus vaccine passports are useless.”

A second added: “You can’t force people to have a vaccine. And then lock them down if they don’t take it. People have died being double jabbed.”

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Another viewer pointed out that herd immunity should protect those who remain unjabbed.

They said: “People who can have the vaccine create herd immunity to protect those who are exempt. Which people don’t care about. Katie isn’t getting the point of the conversation… #LooseWomen.”

A fourth viewer tweeted: “@LooseWomen no for forcing the jab. In the UK we have high rate of vaccinated so why we have high rate of infection if vaccine is the way to protect? And how do you police locking the unjabbed? More serious crimes need police attention.”

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