Loose Women today: Janet Street Porter on the panel

Loose Women’s Janet Street Porter slammed over ‘outdated’ views on men

She suggested that woman 'cope better' after divorce

Loose Women star Janet Street Porter has come under fire following her appearance on the show today (January 26).

The journalist joined Christine Lampard, Linda Robson and Jane Moore, on the ITV panel on Wednesday.

During the show, the group went on to discuss whether women handle divorce “better” than men.

Loose Women today: Janet Street Porter on the panel
Janet Street Porter divided Loose Women viewers today (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women today

Janet, 75, started the debate by suggesting that women have an easier time getting over divorce.

The TV star said: “I’m not just talking about myself, but I think in general women do cope better.

“That might be because we’re better at multitasking – full stop.”

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Janet went on to note divorce statistics, adding: “The average age is, for men about 46 and for women about 43/44, so these are people in their 40s getting divorced.

“Now by then, women have gone through jobs, kids, they’ve put up with this bloke – if women can decide to move on, they’re going to shrink it down to ‘something else to deal with’.

“Whereas, in my experience, for a lot of men, and contrary to what you might expect – men can’t cope.

Loose Women today: Janet Street Porter on the panel
Janet appeared on the panel with Linda Robson (Credit: ITV)

“They really can’t cope. They feel lonely, they don’t have a big circle of friends, they’re not good at coping with their new status.”

She went on: “And we [women] talk to our friends, we communicate, even though we might not see all of our friends. Whereas men are really poor at that, even with their really close friends from when they were at college or school.

“They don’t stay in touch with them or they adopt this strange, jokey persona. It’s not what they’re really like, but they have another person they become when they’re talking to their mates.”

Jane Moore also gives her opinion

Jane, 59, went on to share her thoughts.

She said: “I think in my friendship group, it’s a sweeping generalisation obviously, and not everybody fits into this pattern, but middle-aged men in general, their worlds tend to get smaller.”

Later on, Janet clarified: “I’m not demonising men, I’m not saying they’re lacking in something and women are better in life.”



How did Loose Women viewers respond?

However, some viewers appeared to disagree with Janet.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “@loosewomen I strongly disagree with Janet’s generalisations about men. We’re not all the same. Much like women. If I didn’t multitask better than my wife we wouldn’t work together as a couple. We are a great partnership and that’s the difference.”

Another complained: “@The_Real_JSP views are so outdated, multitasking my [bleep] #LooseWomen.”

Janet Street Porter is so biased!

A third wrote: “Women aren’t better at multitasking Janet! Dream on #LooseWomen.”

A fourth shared: “Goodbye @loosewomen Janet Street Porter is so biased it’s cringeworthy. Jane Moore is the only one who speaks sense.”

Meanwhile, others were quick to agree with Janet’s comments.

Following the debate, one tweeted: “Can’t believe I’m watching Janet but saw the topic and you are 100% correct about men and how they really struggle after divorce, afraid I’ve been there and can confirm.

“You are fun to watch keep it up!”

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A second added: “I like Janet #LooseWomen.”

ED! has approached Janet’s representative for comment.

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