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Loose Women: Coleen Nolan sparks backlash with Covid comments

Coleen's comments didn't go down well

Coleen Nolan has been criticised by Loose Women viewers for her comments regarding Covid-19 during a debate on the show today (Monday, January 24).

The 56-year-old’s comments came during a discussion as to whether or not the NHS should make Covid vaccines for staff mandatory.

What was said in the Loose Women debate today?

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Coleen’s comments didn’t go down well (Credit: ITV)

On today’s edition of Loose Women, the panelists discussed whether or not the NHS should make the vaccine compulsory for staff.

The debate was sparked by the news that the government is staying firm with its ruling that NHS workers need to be double jabbed before April 1, otherwise they will lose their jobs.

Coleen started the debate by saying that she was “totally against” mandatory vaccinations.

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“I just don’t feel you have a right to force somebody, who has for whatever reasons that they do have for not being vaccinated, it’s their choice,” she said.

“I don’t think you can force somebody to inject something into their body that they don’t want,” she continued.

She then added: “I think it’s terrible.”

Coleen’s controversial comment

coleen nolan loose women today
Coleen put her point across today (Credit: ITV)

It was the 56-year-old’s next few comments that really got a reaction out of viewers though.

Coleen then went on to compare Covid-19 to the flu.

“If you were going into hospital for an operation,” Ruth Langsford said. “Or one of your loved ones, how nervous would you be to think that somebody, or more than one person, possibly operating on them even, wasn’t vaccinated?”

“Well, just as nervous as I would be about someone that I know going to the supermarket where I think they’ll catch it much easier,” Coleen replied.

She then said she’d feel less worried about someone vulnerable going to hospital. This is because staff are sterilised and wear PPE.

“It’s like going out and someone going ‘have you had your flu jab this year because if you haven’t you can’t come in here because you’ll give me flu,” she said of the situation.

She also compared getting the vaccine to getting a flu jab later on too. This was when they were discussing whether companies should cut sick pay for the unvaccinated.

How did Loose Women viewers react today?

loose women today
The debate sparked backlash online (Credit: ITV)

Loose Women viewers were not happy with Coleen’s comments.

“Coleen Nolan Covid comparison to flu is downright disrespectful to viewers that have lost family. Yes, we are coming out the other side but be respectful and mindful of those who will forever be scarred by this,” one viewer tweeted.

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“Not sure you can compare the flu with Covid Coleen,” another said.

“It is not the same as the flu Coleen Nolan! It’s still killing way more people than the flu!” a third wrote.

However, others agreed with Coleen’s point.

One said: “Good on Coleen! So surely Ruth must be starting to realise there is no point at all in mandatory vaccines!?”

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