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Loose Women star Linda Robson under fire from viewers over Andrea McLean comments

They came during a segment called 'are you a soap dodger?'

Loose Women star Linda Robson was accused of throwing her ex co-host Andrea McLean “under the bus” during today’s show (April 23).

The comments that alarmed viewers came during a segment called “are you a soap dodger?”

After Stacey Solomon spoke of her own, ahem, personal hygiene issues, Linda revealed: “I never smell.”

However, it appears the Loose Women star did know someone who suffers from a perspiration problem.

linda Robson on loose women
Linda Robson revealed she didn’t sweat on today’s Loose Women, but she knows someone who does (Credit: ITV)

What did Linda say on Loose Women?

Linda said: “I’ve never really had a problem sweating or anything. I never really get those patches underneath your arms or anything.”

Instead of just leaving it there, Linda revealed that she knew someone who did suffer from sweat patches – poor Andrea!

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“Our lovely Andrea, she used to get them all the time, didn’t she?”

The other panellists could be hear to agree “yes” in the background.

Our lovely Andrea, she used to get them all the time, didn’t she? She used to have to wear ladies’ pads under her arms.

Linda then added: “She used to have to wear… I think it was ladies’ pads under her arms.”

Stacey confirmed: “Sanitary towels.”

Ever so eloquently, Linda continued: “To keep her from chucking up.”

Andrea on loose women
Linda claimed Andrea McLean wore sanitary towels under her arms to stop sweat patches (Credit: ITV)

How did Loose Women viewers react to the comments?

It’s very clear whose side the viewers were on – and it wasn’t the Birds of a Feather star’s.

So Linda Robson thought it was okay to out Andrea over sweaty armpits? How horrible,” said one.

“This programme goes from bad to worse! Linda Robson threw Andrea under the bus about her sweaty armpits!” another declared.

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“Blimey, I wonder if @andrea_mclean is seething having been outed for being sweaty by Linda just now?” asked a third.

“Wow, hopefully Andrea sees it and knows who her real friends are,” another added.

“I’d be devastated if anyone said anything like that about me behind my back, let alone on TV,” another said.

“I’m sure Andrea is really grateful you’ve just shared that on her behalf, Linda,” said another.

However, not everyone took aim at Linda – some thanked her for her funny outbursts.

“You do bring a smile and tears to my eyes,” said one Loose Women fan.

“So many innuendoes. Linda saying ‘hairy [bleep]’ and always Janet’s badger. Was feeling low but you have brightened up my day.”

loose women star linda Robson
Fans of the show said Linda threw Andrea ‘under the bus’ (Credit: ITV)

When did Andrea McLean leave the show?

In November last year, Andrea announced that she was leaving the show.

She presented her last show on December 16.

However, after today’s comments, it’s clear she’s never far from the Loose Ladies’ thoughts.

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