Loose Women Linda

Loose Women star Linda Robson admits she broke ‘two bed slats’ during Matt Hancock-inspired romp

She also sparked confusion with her snogging confession

Loose Women star Linda Robson has revealed she broke “two bed slats” last night while having sex with husband Mark Dunford.

Linda made the revelations on the show this lunchtime (July 9) during a segment called “does absence make the heart grow fonder?”.

Kaye Adams asked Linda: “What about after 33 years Linda?”

And it’s clear panelists Frankie Bridge and Brenda Edwards weren’t prepared for her answer.

Loose Women Linda
Loose Women star Linda Robson admitted to breaking the bed during a romp with her husband (Credit: ITV)

What did Linda say on Loose Women today?

Replying to Kaye, Linda, 63, admitted: “I go away quite a lot and I do look forward to getting back, especially if the kids ain’t there.”

She then revealed that her kids were away and added: “So last night we were on our own so we, you know, did the deed.”

“Linda!” a shocked Frankie exclaimed.

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“We broke two bed slats,” she continued, as her fellow Loose Women stars roared with laughter.

“It was my fat bottom I think,” she said.

“I hope I’ve still got your energy and enthusiasm,” Frankie giggled.

“It was the first time in about four months,” Linda carried on.

Loose Women Linda
Frankie Bridge found the chat hilarious (Credit: ITV)

Night of passion prompted by Matt Hancock

Kaye then revealed that it was the picture of Matt Hancock kissing his aide that prompted Linda’s night of passion.

“You were quite turned on by that,” she said.

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“I did say, before I knew it was him, that I was jealous because it’s been 30 years since he [husband Mark] has kissed me like that,” she explained.

“So after we did the deed I said: ‘Right, I want a snog.'”

“After the deed, not before?” Frankie questioned.

“Nope, after the deed. I said: ‘I want a snog. We haven’t had a snog for years. Give me a snog,'” Linda explained.

“And he gave me a snog. It was a really nice snog.”

Loose Women Linda
Brenda Edwards couldn’t contain her laughter (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say about Linda Robson’s revelations?

Viewers at home took to Twitter to react to Linda’s night of passion.

“I’m watching this with my elderly mother. She’s just had a funny turn at the thought of Linda riding her husband,” said one.

“Too much information Linda. Jeez, does she forget that quite a lot of people are watching?” said another.

“I’m a wee bit disgusted at the fact Linda just told everyone she had sex yesterday,” said a third.

However, others echoed Frankie’s confusion about Linda’s snog.

“You have a snog before or during the deed, surely?” said one.

“I don’t need to hear about Linda Robson doing the nasty and breaking the bed!” declared another.

However, others said the revelation just made them love Linda all the more.

“Go on Linda love!!” said one.

“Hahahaha! Has Linda just said that?! I love her so much,” said another.

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