Saira Khan and Gloria Hunniford clash on Loose Women

Loose Women: Saira Khan criticised for ‘shouting over’ Gloria Hunniford in lockdown debate

Saira and Gloria had different views on the second lockdown

Loose Women star Saira Khan has been criticised for clashing with Gloria Hunniford on today’s show.

The pair were discussing the new England lockdown and whether the government made the right decision amid the coronavirus pandemic.

However, things turned heated when Saira argued why she doesn’t think England should go into a second lockdown.

Saira Khan on Loose Women
Saira Khan criticised for clashing with Gloria Hunniford (Credit: ITV)

Gloria started off by saying: “You or nobody else has the ultimate answer to this. It’s a huge problem and it’s worldwide.

“I think overall the government has tried really hard.”

She said: “As far as I’m concerned, charities are losing money, abuse is up, suicides are going through the roof, people have lost their opportunity to have cancer treatments.

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“I’m really sorry but that’s not a balanced approach in our country. We have to protect the essentials that make our lives worth living.

“And I’m really sorry but lockdown does not provide that.”

Gloria Hunniford and Saira Khan on Loose Women
Gloria asked Saira is she has the “answer” to solving the pandemic (Credit: ITV)

What did Saira Khan say on Loose Women?

Gloria then asked Saira is she has the “answer” to solving the pandemic.

Saira hit back: “I’ve just given you the answer! The answer is not go into full lockdown but allow people to work in a safe environment.”

Andrea McLean then stepped in, saying: “I’m hearing all your opinions, I’m not necessarily coming down on either side.

“But surely you can see there comes a point where the government goes you know what, we’re going to have to just shut everything down.”

Saira replied loudly: “We don’t live in a totalitarian state! If you live in China and the government tells you to do something, you’re going to do it.

Gloria Hunniford and Saira Khan on Loose Women
Saira pointed out the cons to a national lockdown (Credit: ITV)

“We are a very different nation of people and it’s different policies for different cultures and people, and we have to find a way that is very balanced and find a way to keep people’s livelihoods going in a safe environment.”

As Andrea began talking, Saira interrupted: “You can’t say the majority of people didn’t pay respect to it.

I’ve just given you the answer! The answer is not go into full lockdown.

“It’s a minority of people causing the problems and the whole nation shouldn’t have to pay for that.”

Meanwhile, following an advert break, Andrea confirmed things had calmed down.

Saira often voices her opinions on Loose Women (Credit:

What did Loose Women viewers say?

Viewers criticised Saira on the show, with many not liking her speaking over her co-stars.

One person said on Twitter: “Saira that was horrible the way you were talking across Gloria, not letting her speak and was quite arrogant.

“These are crazy times for us all.”

In addition, another wrote: “I rarely turn #LooseWomen off but today YES!!!! #saira disgusting how she spoke to Gloria.”

After that, a third added: “Disgusting the way Saira Khan is yelling over Gloria Hunniford like her opinion is the only acceptable way of thinking.”

Meanwhile, others agreed with Saira’s views on lockdown.

One added: “I totally agree with Saira Khan. I wish I was there to help her! Well done Saira for speaking up we need more TV presenters like you.”

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Another tweeted: “I completely agree with everything #Saira is saying regarding lockdown.

“We simply cannot keep locking down/opening up every few months.”

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