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Loose Women viewers divided over Rebekah Vardy’s tearful appearance

Some accused her of "crocodile tears"

Viewers of Loose Women were left divided over Rebekah Vardy’s appearance today.

The WAG went on the show to discuss the fallout of her public spat with Coleen Rooney, who accused her of leaking personal information about her to the press back in October.

Rebekah became teary as she discussed the horrific online abuse she received following Coleen’s allegations and branded it “one of the worst things” she’s had to deal with.

Rebekah Vardy on Loose Women
Rebekah broke down in tears on the show (Credit: ITV)

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She said: “I think the trolling was the worst part – this was a whole new level.

“I had people messaging me saying nasty stuff and one in particular [said], ‘you fat ugly rat I hope you and your baby rot,” as she broke down in tears.

“I ended up in hospital three times with severe anxiety and felt like I couldn’t go out. I ended up with kidney stones.”

“I went to the police and some arrests were made,” referring to trolls who sent her online abuse.

Viewers were quick to share their thoughts on the interview, with many not believing Rebekah’s emotions.

Rebekah Vardy on Loose Women
Some viewers thought Rebekah’s tears were “fake” (Credit: ITV)

One person wrote on Twitter: “I’m struggling to sympathise with Rebekah Vardy, she was the perpetrator and she’s acting like she’s blameless.

“Don’t agree with her online abuse but her actions have put her in this position and she should take some of that responsibility.”

Another said: “Here come the crocodile tears! Shouldn’t have done what she did to Coleen Rooney. Face up to what you did and stop looking for sympathy.”

A third mocked: “‘Oh sorry… let me just fake these tears… woe is me… I’m the victim…'”

Others felt sorry for Rebekah and offered their support.

One tweeted: “Seeing all these horrible hateful comments towards #Rebekahvardy is just awful, how would they feel if it was happening to them #LooseWomen I believe Rebekah.”

Another wrote: “Sending a big hug to Rebekah, for a friend to trash her on social media is terrible and then to get trolled by nasty people.

Face up to what you did and stop looking for sympathy.

“I hope the future is much brighter for her, no one deserves to be treated like that.”

One said: “Congratulations your daughter Olivia is gorgeous, you must be so proud. You looked great on @loosewomen today.

“It’s obvious this horrible business has really knocked you, I hate the trolling that you received. It’s 2020 I hope you have a great year in front of you.”

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Meanwhile on the show, Rebekah spoke about how the fallout had an effect on her husband Jamie and kids.

She said: “He really struggled with seeing my upset and down. It was a hard time.

“[My daughter Megan] found it really difficult. There were people sending her horrible messages. You can only say to the kids, ‘don’t read it,’ but getting that across to a 15-year-old is really hard. She found it difficult.”

Rebekah added: “It’s a new year and it’s time to focus on family and the new baby. But it’s really tough actually. You underestimate it. I found it really tough adjusting but she’s amazing.”

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