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Loose Women panel defended by fans as racist trolls slam lack of ‘diversity’

The show featured four presenters of colour today

The Loose Women panel featured four black women today (May 6) and shocked Twitter users were left outraged over the amount of abuse the show got on the social media site.

Racist trolls took to Twitter to bemoan the fact that Charlene White was joined by three other women of colour.

The hilarious Judi Love, Brenda Edwards and Kelle Bryan co-hosted today.

And, while some urged ITV to have the quartet on Loose Women every day, others slammed the show’s lack of “diversity”.

Charlene white on loose women
Charlene White headed up the Loose Women panel today (Credit: ITV)

What was said about the Loose Women panel today?

The show was a pretty joyous one today, with die-hard fans loving the dynamic between the ladies.

“Loving today’s panel, they should have them together more often,” said one fan of the foursome.

“I absolutely love it when you four are hosting!” declared another.

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“You are amazing, such a great rapport between you all. Best panel ever. Have a great show!” they added.

A third said: “Love this #LooseWomen panel!! They’re so enjoyable to watch.”

Another stated: “Should have these four on every day.”

Judi love on loose women
Judi Love was also on the lunchtime show today (Credit: ITV)

What did the trolls say about the show?

However, not everyone felt the same.

“I see we have a very diverse panel today, all black which does not represent my country,” said one racist troll.

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“Can you imagine the uproar if there were four white presenters?! There would be mayhem and absolute chaos!” they added.

kelle bryan on loose women
Kelle Bryan was also in the studio for the show today (Credit: ITV)

“Not much diversity on Loose Women today,” said another.

Do you tweet this sentence when it’s an all-white panel?

“What no white faces on #LooseWomen?” another tweeted. They added: “Box ticking gone in overdrive!”

“Time to turn #LooseWomen OVER! We’re supposed to be a multi-racial country, not a black country,” another raged.

Brenda Edwards on loose women
The lovely Brenda Edwards completed the line-up (Credit: ITV)

‘The black panel is the beat panel’

However, for every racist comment there was a Loose Women fan ready and waiting to shoot them down.

Replying to the trolls, one commented: “If you watch the show regularly, you’d know that the panel is often mixed up.

“Sometimes all white, smetimes all black, and very often mixture of both. Do you tweet this sentence when it’s an all-white panel?” they asked.

Another retorted: “Is it hard for you to comprehend that there are no white faces?

“The fact that this has triggered you should also make you aware of how much representation white faces actually have on TV. And why does it have to be a box-ticking exercise?

“Black faces not allowed on TV?” they asked.

A third added: “I’m sure you didn’t think the same thing when 4 white women were hosting though, did you? I’m sure they’re going to miss your one view.”

“The black panel on #loosewomen is the best panel,” declared another fan of the show.

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