Linda Robson expresses her view on how to deal with a child during a tantrum

Loose Women: Linda Robson divides viewers with parenting comments

She thinks it is an acceptable way to deal with toddler tantrums

Loose Women star Linda Robson has provoked a furious reaction from viewers after suggesting ‘pinching’ children to discipline them.

The actress was participating in a debate about toddler tantrums earlier today when she made her controversial comments.

Andrea McLean, Brenda Edwards and Saira Khan joined Linda on the ITV show this afternoon (Monday, November 30).

The group had already noted how different children within a family can react differently to forms of discipline.

Linda Robson says her mum used to pinch her (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

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But when discussing the possibility of bad behaviour in a supermarket, Linda made clear what her approach would be.

Just a squeeze of their arm to let them know you mean business.

The Birds of a Feather star said: “I used to find out that pinching was quite a good way to get them to stop.”

Her fellow Loose Women stars had differing reactions, with Saira bursting into laughter and Brenda widening her eyes.

Linda Robson expresses her view on how to deal with a child during a tantrum
The Loose Women stars reacted differently (Credit: ITV Hub)

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‘We don’t endorse pinching’

Host Andrea, however, did not seem won over as she announced: “We’re not going to officially recommend it [as a course of action].”

“It’s not like a proper pinch,” Linda insisted before acting out how a nip could go.

Gritting her teeth as emphasis, she continued: “Just a squeeze of their arm to let them know you mean business.”

Andrea muttered an “okay” as the camera showed Brenda also laughing, silently.

“Sometimes that will stop them,” Linda carried on. “That’s what my mum used to do to me.”

She also insisted she did mean for the pinch to hurt as Andrea repeated that they did not endorse the punishment.

Linda Robson expresses her view on how to deal with a child during a tantrum
Viewers were not impressed (Credit: Loose Women YouTube)

How Loose Women viewers reacted

However, some viewers made their feelings very clear on social media.

“Wow Linda just [blank] up suggesting people squeeze / pinch their kids #LooseWomen,” tweeted one incredulous onlooker.

Another person claimed: “Linda such a moron she has to resort to pinching toddlers rather than outwitting them #LooseWomen.”

And a third contributed: “Social services have been involved with mothers who pinch their children to control them, rightly so. You need to mind your messaging #LooseWomen.”

Others watching, however, were amused by the moment.

“Linda with her old school parenting lol #LooseWomen,” tweeted one fan.

In reply to response that suggested Andrea immediately had producers in her ear, the fan added: “I think they were but it was too late.

“I appreciate the honesty. Motherhood is really challenging. Her daughter must’ve been a brat lol.”

And another person wrote, including several laughing emojis: “Oh dear Andrea panicking because Linda says pinching the kids when naughty.”

ED! has approached a representative for Loose Women for comment.

Loose Women airs on ITV, weekdays, from 12.30pm.

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