Loose Women Janet

Loose Women: Janet Street Porter and Penny Lancaster clash in heated row

The pair spoke over each other during the disagreement

Loose Women stars Penny Lancaster and Janet Street Porter clashed in a heated debate today.

On Wednesday’s show, the panel discussed whether working mothers should highlight being a parent on their CVs.

Penny agreed with the view and said it should apply to fathers too.

Loose Women Janet
Penny agreed with the suggestion of putting ‘Mum’ on a CV (Credit: ITV)

What did Penny Lancaster say on Loose Women?

She said: “Mothering is a hard job and there’s no training for it but you work at it as you go along.

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“But you’re multi-tasking, you’re being a diplomat, you’re being a leader, you’re balancing things and you’re not just concerned about yourself.”

Janet then shared her view, saying she doesn’t disagree that being a mother “requires a lot of skills” but “being a boss requires the same set of skills”.

Love Island Janet
Janet clashed with Penny (Credit: ITV)

What did Janet Street Porter say?

She continued: “The issue for me is when you’re interviewing someone for a job, you want to know how they’re going to react in a crisis, what qualifications and you look carefully at what they studied at university.

“Whether they have a degree that you might think is pretty worthless.

“I’m sorry I can’t put ‘mother’ on a CV up there with a degree with a good grade.

“You’re also busy discriminating against women who have chosen not to have children and they’re childless on their CV because that’s their choice.”

Loose Women Janet
Penny and Jenny made digs at each other (Credit: ITV)

Penny said: “We’re not suggesting that you have to put if you’re a mother or not.”

Janet replied: “I thought you were implying that,” to which Penny said: “No, I never implied that.”

Janet continued: “If you came to me for a job…”

Penny cut in: “I wouldn’t come to you for a job Janet,” as Janet said: “Well good.”

As the pair then started to talk over each other about the topic, Janet said: “Penny, you’re just going to talk no matter what I say.”

Love Island Janet
Penny and Janet didn’t see eye to eye (Credit: ITV)

Penny said: “Yeah, I will…”

Janet cut in: “This is ridiculous. In a debate Penny two people will speak and generally one after the other and they get equal time.

“Not one person puts their point of view and I have to just shut up.”

Penny replied: “That’s never the case with you Janet.”

Viewers spotted the tension between the pair and shared their thoughts on Twitter.

What did viewers say?

One person said: “Janet and Penny aren’t even hiding their hatred for each other any more.”

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In addition, another wrote: “I must say I thought Penny Lancaster was very rude to Janet Street-Porter just then, blatantly over-talking her.”

After that, a third added: “‘In a debate Penny usually two people speak’ that’ll be Penny told.”

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